155 Barnwood Dr. Edgewood, KY 41017

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If you haven’t been to our Northern Kentucky dental office before, you are in for a pleasant surprise. Our lone-standing building sits on a lake in Edgewood, Kentucky, facing beautiful rolling hills across the street.

When you walk inside, you’ll be greeted by our friendly front desk staff as you sign in. Beside our desk is a complimentary coffee bar with coffee, cold drinks, and healthy snacks. Grab a water and a snack while you enjoy free wifi.

Our 9,500 square-foot office features 14 state-of-the-art operatories that are newly remodeled. If your family wants to come in at once for convenient appointments, we have the space to accommodate you. Each operatory features a flat-screen TV that you can watch during your treatment. Some of our rooms also have heated massage chairs – your dentist appointment will feel like a day at the spa!

On your way out, you can set up your next appointment and speak to our staff about convenient payment options.

If you’ve enjoyed our online tour, we’re sure you’ll enjoy our real dental office, too. Contact one of our friendly front desk associates for your next appointment. Call 859-474-7830 or request an appointment through our online form. We look forward to meeting you.

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