Sadly, it can be difficult to tell myths apart from the truth these days. With the internet making it so easy to spread misconceptions and half-truths, you really need to trust trained professionals. That’s especially true for root canals. You might have heard that root canals are painful or even bad for you, but those are just myths.

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When Root Canals Are Necessary

Your mouth is home to some harmful bacteria. Don’t feel bad because everybody has them! They survive by eating tiny particles of food that get stuck in your mouth after you eat and drink. That’s fine, but they also produce an acid that eats away at your enamel.

That’s what causes cavities — that acid making holes in your teeth. The problem is that you usually don’t know that’s happening. Your enamel has no nerve endings, so cavities can grow without you realizing it.

If a cavity gets too deep, it breaks through to the dental pulp. This is where you’ll find the nerves and blood vessels for a tooth. When this happens, the bacteria infect the dental pulp. This causes a bad toothache, but it also starts to starve the tooth and turn the enamel brittle. That’s when a root canal is needed. Without it, you’ll almost definitely lose the tooth.

What Is A Root Canal?

A root canal procedure follows the same general routine. First, our dentists use digital X-rays to examine the tooth and spot exactly where that infection is on the inside. Once the tooth is prepared, the area is completely numbed. That’s part of why our root canals are pain-free!

The other part is our advanced technology and training. Once you’re numb, our dentists will carefully make an opening in your tooth. Using those advanced tools, our Edgewood dentists will gently remove the infection and fill in any remaining space with an inert material. Finally, a dental crown is placed over the tooth so it’s strong again.

One Really Flawed Root Canal Study

If root canals are safe and even pain-free, where did these myths come from? Chances are, they came from several sources. But one big source was this study made in the 1920s.

Back then, dentistry wasn’t nearly as advanced as it is today. One dentist studying root canal procedures and came to an odd conclusion. He thought root canals spread infections and caused all manner of problems such as arthritis and even cancer.

Needless to say, that study was soon discredited for failing to have the right logic, research, or science in it. Today, dentists know that root canals make you healthier because they actually remove an infection.

Benefits Of A Root Canal Procedure

How can a root canal help you? There are several benefits from having a root canal procedure done at our Edgewood, KY dental office:

  • Toothache Relief: The infection where your tooth’s nerve endings are found creates a powerful toothache. By removing that infection, a root canal procedure also removes a toothache. (See? Root canals even get rid of pain!)
  • Prevent Inflammation: Because your dental pulp has blood vessels in it, that infection can slip into your bloodstream and spread. Your immune system will fight it, creating problems with inflammation. That’s what you can prevent with a root canal.
  • Save The Tooth: An infected tooth starts to grow brittle. Things can get so bad that a tooth can break apart in your mouth. A root canal done in time can save the tooth. Plus, the dental crown that goes on afterward will add strength to it.

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