Lost teeth are far more common than most people realize. Odds are you know someone who is missing at least one tooth, but you may not know it because the tooth replacement looks so natural.

Even so, if you are the person with a missing tooth, you may feel embarrassed by how it affects your smile. Regardless of the reason you lost a tooth, we can help. We want to help.

If you live in or near Edgewood, KY, our dentists have a couple ways we can fill the gap in your smile. A dental bridge can span that opening, or you can get a dental implant and a dental crown for a complete tooth replacement.

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You Should Replace Your Lost Tooth

When you were a kid, losing your teeth was part of growing up. As an adult, you aren’t getting a replacement for your missing tooth unless you get it yourself.

And we hope that you do. A single lost tooth can create problems above and beyond the space in your smile.

You probably didn’t notice this before your tooth fell out, but all your teeth work together. They provide mutual support for one another as they feel different kinds of pressure throughout the day. For the most part, this keeps your teeth where they should be.

When you remove one tooth, however, this can affect the support system. Nearby teeth may begin to drift into the empty space. That creates more spaces, so more teeth can drift. This can change your bite, and it increases the likelihood that you will lose more teeth.

That’s not good for anyone.

By getting a tooth replacement, you aren’t just restoring the appearance of your smile. You aren’t just restoring the function of your lost tooth, either. You are replacing the lost support for the rest of your teeth as well.


Replacing Your Lost Tooth: Implant + Crown

This option is an example of the advances we have made in restorative dentistry.

Modern dental implants were first created in the 1960s. With time, implants have become more common as part of teeth replacements, and today, they are seen as the gold standard for restorations.

Dental implants were designed to replace the roots of missing teeth. Like roots, implants are placed directly in your jaw. Your jawbone firmly holds the implant in place, making your tooth replacement more stable and secure.

After the implant has been placed, we can attach a CEREC dental crown to it. The crown is the visible part of your tooth replacements, and it completes the appearance of your smile.

One of the biggest advantages of having an implant and a crown is that you have complete tooth replacement that can last a lifetime.


Replacing Your Lost Tooth: Dental Bridge

Dental bridges have been used effectively to replace missing teeth for a long time. Bridges are created by combining multiple crowns together.

Traditional bridges have two kinds of crowns. The abutment crowns are the crowns on each end of the bridge, while the crown in the middle is called a pontic.

Getting a traditional bridge takes a little bit of preparation. The two teeth on either side of the missing tooth need to be reshaped to support the bridge. This is done by grinding down those teeth to form abutments.

When your teeth have been prepared and the bridge is ready, it is bonded to the abutment teeth. This pontic rests between them and fills the space above your gums.

The end result is a natural looking smile that can last a decade or more with proper care.


Which Is Right For You?

One of our dentists in Edgewood, KY, can discuss the benefits of each option for your tooth replacement. We will be happy to answer any questions you may have so you can choose the option that is right for you.

You can trust, however, that whichever you choose, your smile will look natural, and you will restore your ability to bite and chew.

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