Julie B.

I love Dr. Ford, he’s great to work with. Very patient, he’ll take his time and explain any concerns you have. My little girl comes here as well, so she’s seven, he’s really good with her. She does not like going to the dentist, she doesn’t like anything that has a doctor in front of it, right? So she definitely has that anxiety, and they do a really good job of putting her nerves at ease. They always make a point to interact with my daughter, ask her questions about her school or what she likes to do, what she’s been doing over the summer, always engaging that conversation with her makes her feel more comfortable, puts her at ease and not so focused on the chair.

This practice is a lot more family oriented than previous practices that we’ve seen. Then Dr. Ford is just really good with kids, he’s really good with my daughter, talking to her, getting down on her level. He’s a gentle giant, he knows just how to make her feel at ease in the chair.

It really starts from the minute you walk in the door, the friendly faces, the smiles, the welcoming atmosphere, and then the little things that they do to go above and beyond with offering the snacks and then always sending you home with goodies. Then the professionalism of the doctors or the dentists that they take care of you, they’re very knowledgeable, very professional, and you’re gonna leave with a lot more than you came in with.

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