Your teeth are amazing things. They tear and crush up your food repeatedly every day for your whole life. That’s pretty impressive. However, durable is not the same as perfect. Your teeth can get damaged over the years, requiring restorative dentistry treatments like dental crowns.

Although our dentists are local experts in restoring your damaged teeth, there are times when a tooth cannot be saved. Worse, leaving it alone can lead to more serious problems. That’s why you need to call our Edgewood, KY dental office today at 859-474-7830 and schedule a dental exam. If a dental extraction is needed, our dentists have the right training to do so gently and efficiently.

You Can’t Ignore That Bad Tooth

Having a tooth removed is routine for our highly experienced dentists, but it still sounds bad. The problem is there isn’t any alternative. If you try to ignore a bad tooth in your mouth, you could be facing big problems:

  • An occasional toothache will get worse and worse.
  • A brittle tooth can break apart in your mouth.
  • An infection can spread throughout your body.
  • The jawbone around that tooth can deteriorate.

Call Edgewood Dental Care today and make an appointment for a dental exam. Using digital X-rays and their extensive knowledge, our dentists will be able to determine if the tooth can be saved or not.

Why Dental Extractions Are Needed

Normally, you can repair a damaged tooth. Dental crowns, root canals, and even dental fillings all restore a tooth to a stronger, healthier state. But here are situations where restorative dentistry just cannot save the tooth and it must be removed.

– Your wisdom tooth is coming in the wrong way

Those third molars (also called wisdom teeth) come in so late that they often have problems. Many times, they never completely come through the gums and get impacted. Wisdom teeth can also try to come in partially underneath your second molars, knocking all your teeth out of alignment.

While not every single wisdom tooth has to come out automatically, you will most likely benefit from having yours removed.

– Your infected tooth was not caught early enough.

Bacteria cause cavities in your teeth. If a cavity gets too deep, the bacteria can infect the dental pulp inside your tooth. Not only is this painful, it starts to starve your tooth of needed nutrients. (Your dental pulp is home to the tooth’s blood vessels.) This starts to turn your enamel brittle.

You can get a root canal to remove the infection, but if that infection wasn’t caught soon enough, your tooth might be too brittle to safely remain. That’s when you need a dental extraction.

– You have too many teeth.

In a perfect world, all your baby teeth will fall out and get replaced by the same number of adult teeth. But how often is the world perfect? Some people end up with too many adult teeth. Others have stubborn baby teeth that never fall out. In the end, you wind up with an overcrowded smile.

This looks bad, but it also increases your risk of cavities and gum disease. To improve your dental health and the look of your smile, a dental extraction is the only thing you can do.

– Your gum disease is making a tooth fall out.

Gum disease is when the same bacteria behind cavities starts to irritate and then damage your gums. If your gum disease gets too advanced, it causes two problems: Your gums recede from your teeth, and your jawbone starts to weaken. That’s why gum disease leads to having loose teeth that will fall out eventually.

Leaving such a tooth in your mouth is dangerous. If it’s going to fall out anyway, a dental extraction makes sure the tooth comes out safely. Otherwise, it could snap off in your mouth or damage the weakened jawbone.

Call us TODAY at 859-474-7830 or contact us through our convenient online form to schedule your next dental exam. Using their experience and training, our dentists can determine if your problem tooth can be saved or not. If it must come out, our Wand anesthesia and sedation options can make sure your dental extraction is painless and comfortable.