May is Save Your Tooth Month (as proclaimed by the American Association of Endodontists). If you’re like most folks, you’d rather save a damaged or diseased tooth than lose it. But you may be worried if your dentist recommends root canal treatment to keep your tooth intact.

We don’t blame you! We know this restorative procedure has gotten a bad reputation over the years. The thing is, though, it’s unwarranted. As Dr. McMahon explains in our short video, there are now newer ways of numbing you and technology that makes root canals quicker and easier than they were in the past. 

At our office, we use a computerized anesthesia aid called The Wand. Plus, you can receive soothing sedation if you’d like. It will keep you less aware of sights, sounds, and sensations during your procedure. 

Thanks to these advancements, we can complete 90 percent of root canals in just a single office visit. Your recovery from a root canal is quicker and easier than from an extraction. Plus, you’ll avoid the added hassle and expense of replacing a tooth. 

Don’t fear root canal treatment! If you have a toothache or other symptoms of a diseased tooth (like a discolored tooth or swollen gums), call us at 859-474-7830. If you do need a root canal, we’ll make sure it’s comfortable!