Will Dental Implants Help You Regain What You’ve Lost? [Quiz]

It’s Dental Implant Month! We’re celebrating this incredible tooth replacement option that can help you regain what you’ve lost – your smile, bite, and confidence. Implants really are something to celebrate. They can do what no other replacement tooth can: Help you eat what you want again – the good stuff and the nutritious stuff Restore ...

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6 Reasons for When to See the Dentist

Do you know when to see the dentist? Many people wait until they are in severe pain before going to the dentist, or until they’re so sick of a problem that they feel like they can’t deal with it another day. Edgewood Dental Care is here for you, whether you have a concern that’s just bothering you or a true dental emergency. With four skilled ...

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Leave the Dentist Happy [Video]

It is possible to leave the dentist happy! For decades, we’ve upheld a reputation of providing care so professional, comfortable, and friendly that generations of patients are happy to call Edgewood Dental Care their only dental home. Listen to our patient Tanya say why she’s been leaving her appointments happy for years (hint: it’s more than just ...

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Choose a Convenient Edgewood Family Dentist This School Year

It’s no surprise that families come from all over northern Kentucky and even the Cincinnati area to visit Edgewood Dental Care. With school about to start, having a dentist nearby who can handle everyone’s care is important. Many of us have families of our own, and we know how hectic it gets! So choose an Edgewood family dentist who can watch over their ...

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How to Keep a Healthy Pantry [Infographic]

Even with the extra “free time” this summer, it’s hard to keep healthy foods around for the kids. There’s so much to do, from camp to sports activities to swim lessons and more. Let us help! Edgewood Dental Care has some great tips on healthy foods for kids. After all, what’s healthy for their bodies is often healthy for their teeth! Check out ...

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7 Tips to Drink More Water

Summer can get pretty hot here in Kentucky! It’s important to make sure your family is drinking enough water. You’ll stay hydrated and safer in the heat, whether your kids are at ball practice or you’re out doing yardwork. Plus, if you learn how to drink more water now, you’ll be more likely to maintain this healthy habit for a lifetime. And so will ...

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Start Your Child’s Orthodontics This Summer [Photo]

It’s not too late to start orthodontic treatment for your kid this summer. Your child doesn’t have to miss school if they come see us soon. Call Edgewood Dental Care today for an appointment, and we’ll get your preteen or teen in as quickly as possible. We’ll perform a thorough exam and go over all your child’s options, from traditional braces ...

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Enjoy Freedom from Dental Anxiety

This Independence Day, the folks here at Edgewood Dental Care want to give our military and others a big thank you for serving our country. After all, that’s why we enjoy our freedom – and that’s why we celebrate this holiday! We also hope that everyone has a day full of fun, family, and food! This holiday reminds us of another freedom that we can ...

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Dental Technologies That Improve Your Care [BLOG]

At Edgewood Dental Care we take patient care seriously. We want you to have the best dental experience possible when you trust us with your smile. That’s why in our Edgewood, KY dentist office you will find some of the latest dental technology available. But we don’t invest in technology just because it’s available. If it won’t help our patients, we ...

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Are You at Risk for Gum Disease? [QUIZ]

Gum disease prevention is very important in Edgewood, KY. By preventing this infection, you can save your teeth for the rest of your life! You can save yourself from having to repair your gums, replace teeth, and undergo deep cleanings. Plus, gum disease is connected to heart disease, Alzheimer’s disease, and other serious health concerns. Call ...

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