So You Had a Tooth Extracted. Now What? [video]

No one looks forward to having a tooth pulled. But sometimes, a badly decayed tooth just can’t be saved. Watch this video from the American Dental Association to learn about extractions and proper aftercare — essential for safe, speedy healing.To book an appointment with Edgewood Dental Care of Edgewood, KY, call our office at (859) 474-7830 or ...

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Donna Feels at Ease at Edgewood Dental Care [video]

Donna loves coming to Edgewood Dental Care because the doctors and staff treat her with respect, clearly explain all procedures to her, and don’t do anything that is not necessary.“They treat me with complete courtesy, tell me what is going on as they are doing it, it is a comfortable situation.”To schedule a consultation at our Edgewood, KY ...

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Could I Have Sleep Apnea?

You go to bed at a normal time, but find yourself fighting exhaustion during the day. Your partner complains about your snoring. You are moody, irritable, and just not yourself.You are beginning to suspect you may have sleep apnea.Good for you for recognizing the signs. Sleep apnea is common — believed to inflict 1 in 5 adults — but seriously ...

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Lauren Smiles Big with Her Dental Implant [video]

When Lauren woke up one day with severe tooth pain, she came to Edgewood Dental Center for an emergency appointment. It turned out that her tooth was badly cracked and infected. She decided to get a dental implant, and her smile has never looked better.To book an appointment at our Edgewood, KY office, call (859) 474-7830. Or contact us online....

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Dental Relaxation at Edgewood Dental Care [infographic]

With a full menu of comfort options and three levels of sedation to soothe nerves, Edgewood Dental Care takes care of your soul as well as your teeth. To schedule a checkup at our Edgewood, KY office, complete the online form or call (859) 474-7830. And say goodbye to dental anxiety for good....

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Keeping Baby’s Teeth Strong [video]

Why is it so important to take care of your baby’s teeth when they will just fall out anyway? Baby teeth are placeholders for adult teeth. So if they come out prematurely, the permanent teeth may not grow in correctly. Watch this video from the American Dental Association for tips on keeping baby’s mouth healthy.The ADA recommends that babies see ...

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Fear-Free Tooth Extractions

Ugh. You have to have a tooth (or more than one tooth) taken out, and you are not looking forward to it. After all, who would? It’s totally normal to be nervous — even scared — about a tooth extraction.Will it be painful? How long will it take? Will I be able to eat? You probably have lots of questions and concerns about your upcoming procedure. ...

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Keep Your Mouth Healthy at Home

You know we enjoy seeing your and your family’s smiling faces in our dental chairs. We really do. But as much as we want you to come in for your twice-yearly checkups, we really don’t want to see you more often than that. And, we’re guessing, the feeling’s probably mutual! It’s not that we don’t love you. But if you are coming in between regular ...

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5 Ways to Protect Yourself Against Tooth Decay

It’s August, and that means your youngsters are back to school. When it comes to treating patients, our Edgewood dental office loves teaching patients and their families about the benefits of keeping teeth forever.At Edgewood Dental Care, that means offering elite cleanings and exams, while also provide restorative dentistry if something goes wrong ...

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The Ultimate Way to Replace Missing Teeth

 A few days ago, our Edgewood KY dental office had a patient who was struggling mightily with bad dentures. This patient had dentures for a few decades and was fed up with the daily routine of applying her adhesives and then worrying about her appliance sliding around in the mouth.She was at her wit’s end. So we told her about a special tool ...

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