If your missing teeth are keeping you from eating, speaking, and smiling, call our Edgewood, KY dentists today! We proudly provide a variety of natural-looking dentures that will restore your smile, improve your appearance, and help you eat and speak with confidence.

Conventional Full Dentures

Traditional full dentures are used to replace all of the teeth in your mouth. The process is simple. One of our Edgewood, KY dentists — Drs. McMahon, Peak, Ford, Wilson, or Middendorf — will:

  • Extract any of your remaining teeth using our painless anesthesia, and with sedation dentistry for those who are anxious.
  • Take precise X-rays and impressions of your teeth.
  • Have your custom denture made at a dental lab.
  • Fit your denture after a brief healing period and make adjustments as needed to ensure your denture remain comfortable.

Partial Dentures

This type of denture can replace one or several teeth in either your upper or lower jaw and are held in place by metal framework that attaches to your teeth.

We can also make partials by cementing dental bridges to your teeth so that you do not have to remove anything.

Our lifelike partials are made from high-quality materials that look like natural teeth so that all anyone notices is your smile!

Implant-Retained Dentures

Using a few dental implants, we can firmly secure your lower denture into your mouth so that they will never slide or move around again! You will not have to think twice about the fact that you are wearing replacement teeth.

Hybrid Dentures

This kind of denture is fixed-detachable dentures, meaning your denture is secured in place with a few implants but can be removed by your dentist. This provide a very stable way to keep your denture in place, and they do not cover the top of your mouth so that you can fully taste your food.

To see whether our well-fitting, natural-looking dentures are right for you, contact our Edgewood, KY dentists like Edgewood Dental Care for a consultation at 859-474-7830 or via our online form.”

David F.

I tell you what, I have been coming here for more years than I care to admit but I have been a patient of Dr. McMahon’s for a long time. He has never steered me wrong. The staff here is fantastic ...

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