Dental Implants

If you’re ready to replace your missing teeth and get your confidence back, call Edgewood Dental Care in Edgewood, KY for permanent, natural-feel dental implants!

With Diplomate status in the International Dental Implant Association and yearly continuing education hours, Dr. McMahon has the advanced skills and training required to place and restore dental implants. You are also in good hands when you see any of our Edgewood, KY dentists, including Drs. Peak, Ford, Wilson, and Middendorf!

Dental implants are the most durable tooth replacement option and the only method that prevents bone loss because they replace your natural tooth roots. This keeps you from losing more teeth and restores your facial structure, making you look years younger!

Dr. McMahon on Dental Implants

Conventional Dental Implants

Whether implants are used to replace one tooth or several missing teeth, our dental implant process is easily explained.

In a private consultation, one of our Edgewood, KY dentists will take digital X-rays and use our cone beam CT technology to get 3D images of your jawbone and tooth structure. This way, he can not only determine you are a suitable candidate for implants but also precisely plan your procedure. Then, we will:

  • Help you fully relax and prevent any discomfort with sedation dentistry
  • Carefully place a dental implant under your gums, where it will fuse with your jawbone and create a secure foundation for your restoration
  • Cover the dental implant site for protection during the healing process
  • Attach a temporary dental crown, bridge, or set of dentures
  • Place your permanent custom-made CEREC dental crown or other restoration

Regardless of the type of dental implants you receive, the general steps of the procedure will be similar.

Mini Dental Implants

Mini implants are about half the size of regular implants and may be used if you are not a good candidate for conventional implants. Because of their size, they have many additional benefits:

  • Less invasive surgery
  • Can usually be placed in one visit
  • Faster healing time
  • Less expensive than regular implants

Implant-Retained Dentures

Say goodbye to messy adhesives! Using two to four dental implants, we can secure your lower dentures so that you can eat and speak normally without worrying about them falling out anymore.

Dr. Kevin McMahon has achieved Diplomate status in the International Dental Implant Association, received his IV sedation certification with advanced airway and emergency management, achieved Invisalign Preferred Provider status, and has been LANAP certified to treat gum disease.

If you are ready to put your missing teeth in the past and get a permanent smile solution, contact Edgewood Dental Care for a consultation with any of our Edgewood, KY dentists at 859-474-7830. You can also use our online form.

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Video: Dr. McMahon on Dental Implants at Edgewood Dental Care in Edgewood, KY

To restore damage or missing teeth, dental implants is probably one of the best options. Watch the video with Dr. McMahon as he explains what dental implants are, how it works and its success rate on patients. Get to know more about dental implants here, For more questions about Dr. McMahon and the Edgewood Dental Care, visit or Call 859-474-7830 for more details or to schedule an appointment. Get connected: Facebook - Google+ - Read more articles on our blog: