Tooth Removal / Extractions Eat Comfortably Again
  • Relax with dental sedation during your procedure
  • Preserve your oral health with an extraction
  • Benefit from our pain-free anesthesia technique

Reclaim Your Smile With Tooth Removal in Edgewood

You should try to keep your teeth for as long as possible. Yet at times, a tooth is just too painful or too damaged to save. Tooth removal in Edgewood could be the best move to save your oral health in those circumstances.

With our help, you wilL:

  • End the pain you experience while eating
  • Get rid of severely infected or damaged teeth
  • Help prepare for orthodontic treatment or dentures

Sometimes letting go of a problem can make things better. If you need to take out a tooth for any reason, including wisdom teeth, talk to our team at Edgewood Dental Care. We’ll make this process as pain-free as possible! Call 859-474-7830 for an appointment.

Remove a Bad Tooth & Stop Your Discomfort

If your tooth can be saved, we will try to save it. However, sometimes it’s better for your oral health to extract it. Here are a few reasons we will need to perform a tooth removal:

  • Damaged or Diseased Teeth – Bad breaks, deep cracks, and severe decay can weaken a tooth so that it becomes a bigger problem to keep. When this happens, your bad tooth could ruin your smile and hurt your health.
  • Crowded Teeth – Taking out a tooth or two can make orthodontic treatment simpler and faster. Straightening teeth can be complicated when someone has severe crowding. In those situations, removing teeth can help everything go smoothly while your braces are on and after they come off.

Keep in mind that we offer painless anesthesia as well as three sedation options, including IV sedation. We also plan your extraction using digital X-rays and 3-D images. You can feel confident that your teeth can be extracted without any pain during your procedure.

Get Your Complete Grin Back With Replacement Options

If you do have a tooth taken out due to infection or injury, we will want to replace it as soon as possible. We offer several options and will work with you on which is the best choice for your smile. They include:

  • Dental ImplantsWe offer implants for the most secure way to repair your smile. Depending on how many teeth need to be replaced, implants can support a dental crown, bridge, or dentures.
  • Dental BridgeIf you have several missing teeth in a row, we will can restore your smile with a bridge that will be anchored between your teeth.
  • DenturesWe offer several types of dentures, including full and partial, as well as implant-supported dentures.

To prevent bone loss following extraction and to prepare the area for dental implants, we may recommend a socket preservation procedure. We will place a special growth-enhancing substance into your missing tooth’s socket to maintain the structure of your jawbone.

Extracting a tooth should be pain-free, and it is at Edgewood Dental Care. Schedule tooth removal in Edgewood by calling at 859-474-7830 today. You can also schedule online.

Common Questions About Tooth Removal / Extractions

How long does it take a tooth removal to heal?

For most types of extractions, you can expect the site to heal within seven to 10 days. You actually play a role in how quickly you heal. We’ll give you complete aftercare instructions for you to follow. The closer you stick to these guidelines, the quicker and more comfortable your healing period will be.

Does tooth removal hurt?

Our compassionate dental team will do everything we can to ensure that your tooth extraction is comfortable. We’ll numb the area of your mouth we’re working on so that you don’t feel any discomfort. We also offer several forms of sedation so you can remain totally relaxed. In addition, you can enjoy amenities like pillows, blankets, TVs, and headphones to help distract you during your procedure.

When is tooth removal necessary?

We’ll always try to save your natural tooth whenever possible. However, if a tooth is too badly diseased or damaged to restore, we’ll have no option but to remove it. Leaving it in place could cause damage to your healthy teeth and gums and create more problems for you down the road.

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