Tooth Removal / Extractions

If you have a damaged tooth that needs to be removed, call our trusted Edgewood, KY dentists in Edgewood Dental Care today! We use advanced technology and sedation to administer painless tooth removal!

Our talented Edgewood, KY dentists — Drs. McMahon, Peak, Ford, or Middendorf — can complete all tooth extractions in-house for your convenience.

Tooth Extractions Explained

The tooth removal process at Edgewood Dental Care is easy to understand. We will:

  • Take X-rays so that we can plan the best way to remove your damaged tooth.
  • Administer dental sedation to make you relaxed and anxiety-free.
  • Use our Wand anesthesia system to numb the area without any painful injection.
  • Carefully extract the tooth.

The procedure usually takes less than an hour for one tooth. Due to the sedation, you should plan for someone to drive you to and from your appointment.

Following Your Tooth Removal

After your tooth removal, Dr. McMahon will give you helpful instructions for quick healing. These may include:

  • Leaving the gauze over the extraction site for a few hours
  • Eating soft and liquid foods for at least a day
  • Taking pain medication per directions, if needed

You should also avoid:

  • Pressure, eating, and brushing at the tooth removal site for a few days
  • Using straws
  • Tobacco and smoking
  • Spitting and rinsing for the first day

Although many people experience little to no discomfort after a tooth removal, our Edgewood, KY dentists can determine whether pain medication can help you heal comfortably. You should be back to normal in a few days after your site has healed.

Dental Implants For Missing Teeth

At Edgewood Dental Care, we offer dental implants that can permanently replace single teeth or several teeth in a row. Some implants take just one visit to our office.

Dr. Kevin McMahon has achieved Diplomate status in the International Dental Implant Association, received his IV sedation certification with advanced airway and emergency management, achieved Invisalign Preferred Provider status, and has been LANAP certified to treat gum disease.

If a damaged tooth is causing you discomfort, call our trusted Edgewood, KY dentists in Edgewood Dental Care at 859-474-7830 or fill out our online form for an appointment. We will get you in for tooth removal as soon as possible and relieve your pain!

David F.

I tell you what, I have been coming here for more years than I care to admit but I have been a patient of Dr. McMahon’s for a long time. He has never steered me wrong. The staff here is fantastic ...

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