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Don’t endure pain caused by a damaged or infected tooth – visit your Edgewood, KY dentists in Edgewood Dental Care and let us relieve your distress with painless root canals treatment. At our Edgewood, KY office, your comfort is our number one priority!

Root Canal Treatment Explained

Root canals are one of the best treatments to save your tooth if the pulp inside becomes infected. The pulp is the innermost layer of your tooth that contains tissues, nerves, and blood vessels.

Root canals at Edgewood Dental Care are fairly quick procedures that usually take two visits to our office. At your initial visit, one of our skilled Edgewood, KY dentists — Drs. McMahon, Peak, Ford, or Middendorf — will perform an examination using state-of-the-art technology, including:

  • DIAGNOdent pen to look for any signs of tooth decay
  • Digital X-rays and 3D images with our cone beam CT scanner

This will show us the precise damage to your pulp so that we can plan your root canal with the greatest accuracy possible.

At your root canals treatment appointment, we will:

  • Painlessly numb the affected area using our Wand anesthesia delivery system
  • Offer dental sedation options if you are feeling anxious
  • Carefully remove the decay from the tooth, clean it out, and seal it up to prevent further decay from getting inside

For the greatest protection, we can place a CEREC dental crown on top, which is created right here in our office in under an hour.

Caring For Your Tooth After A Root Canal

After your root canals treatment, you may experience some tenderness or slight swelling that will quickly subside. We may recommend that you eat liquid or soft foods initially. After your tooth has healed, you will be able to comfortably eat and chew again without any pain.

Dr. Kevin McMahon has achieved Diplomate status in the International Dental Implant Association, received his IV sedation certification with advanced airway and emergency management, achieved Invisalign Preferred Provider status, and has been LANAP certified to treat gum disease.

If you are experiencing dental pain or discomfort, contact Edgewood Dental Care immediately to find out if you need a painless root canals treatment. You can reach our top-notch Edgewood, KY dentists at 859-474-7830 or by filling out our online form.

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Video: Dr. McMahon on Root Canals at Edgewood Dental Care in Edgewood, KY

Dr. McMahon's thought about root canal procedure is a simple and and easy procedure. But one thing that makes it difficult is keeping the patients mouth open. Watch the video with Dr. McMahon as he explains why it is most difficult part of the procedure. To learn more about root canal and how we do it visit or Call 859-474-7830 for more details or to schedule an appointment. Get connected: Facebook - Google+ - Read more articles on our blog: