Root Canals in Edgewood, KY Are Saving Smiles

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You can’t ignore the pain from an infected tooth. It can get worse, and the infection could spread to other teeth if you don’t do something. For many people in this situation, root canals are the best and most effective solution.

We also know that many people are fearful about this treatment. At our Edgewood, KY office, your procedure can:

  • Be performed painlessly
  • Stop your toothache
  • Let you eat comfortably again
  • Restore your smile

Don’t suffer from a toothache. In as little as one visit to Edgewood Dental Care, you could ease your distress and your anxiety with a root canal treatment. Call 859-474-7830 today.

End Your Pain with a Pain-Free Root Canal Procedure

Root canal therapy does not have the best reputation. Too many patients have given us “the look” when they hear that they need a root canal. We also understand why it used to be an issue. At an advanced, modern dental office like ours, however, you won’t feel anything while we take care of your infection. You can also choose from three levels of dental sedation to eliminate any pain. Your comfort is always one of our top priorities.

Keeping Your Teeth Is the Best Option

You should want to keep as many of your teeth as possible for your entire life. That’s why we recommend restorative options like fillings and our same-day CEREC dental crowns to fix decayed and broken teeth. It’s also the reason we offer root canal therapy when a tooth becomes infected.

Tooth infections occur when bacteria reach the pulp, a soft connective tissue on the inside of teeth. When infected, this tissue becomes inflamed and irritated. Tooth decay, broken teeth, and cracked teeth all create opportunities for bacteria to go on the attack. By repairing your teeth at the first sign of trouble, you can make your treatment easier, too.

During a root canal procedure, the infected parts of your tooth are removed. A rubbery material is added to replace what was taken out. Finally, a crown is attached, so your tooth looks and functions normally again. If you don’t do something at this point, your last resort is removing and replacing the tooth.

Quit living with the pain. Your restored tooth can last a lifetime with proper care. Schedule your appointment at Edgewood Dental Care today. For painless root canals in Edgewood, KY, call us at 859-474-7830.

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