Restorative Dentistry Restore Your Beautiful Smile
  • Eat comfortably & smile confidently again
  • Choose from several restorative treatments
  • Sedation is available to help you fully relax

Revive Your Oral Health With a Restorative Dentist in Edgewood

Stats Image About 9 out of 10 adults in the U.S. have cavities. Source.
Cavities, injuries, and wear and tear can take a toll on your teeth. Don’t despair! You can get your smile back with a restorative dentist in Edgewood. Using the latest technology and advanced techniques, we can help your teeth feel like new.

Restorative dental care:

  • Brings back your natural smile
  • Prevents further dental problems
  • Lets you eat the foods you love
  • Renews your confidence in your smile

Our highly skilled dentists can rejuvenate your health and your smile. To find out what we can do, call 859-474-7830 for an appointment at Edgewood Dental Care.

Get Back What You’ve Lost With Restorative Dental Care

Do something now to repair your smile. Broken, decayed, and missing teeth can make anyone self-conscious about smiling. Plus they can cause more serious oral health problems if left untreated. By acting now, you can prevent problems that require more invasive and expensive treatments. Feel like yourself again with one or more of our restorative services:

  • Dental Fillings – Composite resin fillings repair decayed teeth. Unlike metal fillings, they will maintain your smile’s natural appearance.
  • Root Canals – Tooth infections can be painful. Root canal treatment ends your suffering and fixes your smile.
  • Dental Crowns – Crowns fit over damaged teeth to protect them and bring back their natural appearance. With our same-day crowns, you can fix your smile in just a few hours.
  • Dental Bridges – To replace missing teeth, crowns can be combined to build a bridge that gives you a reason to smile again.
  • Dentures – Dentures replace several teeth and even complete arches, so you can have a lifelike smile again.
  • Dental Implants – Implants replace the roots of missing teeth. They support crowns, bridges, and dentures, so they stay stable and secure.

If you are anxious about getting work done, we can help you relax. With dental sedation, you can complete your treatment pain-free and worry-free. You can relax with comfort options such as our pillows, blankets, and heated massage chairs.

At Edgewood Dental Care, our doctors have extensive training in restorative care. You can fix a cavity or replace all your teeth with an Edgewood restorative dentist. Call 859-474-7830 today, or schedule an appointment online to get started. We offer flexible hours that will fit your schedule.

Common Questions About Restorative Dentistry

What does restorative dentistry include?

Restorative dentistry covers multiple dental treatments that are designed to repair or replace your teeth, including tooth fillings, root canal treatment, dental crowns, bridges, dental implants, and dentures. The dental experts at Edgewood Dental Care use restorative dentistry to give you back a beautiful smile and strong bite.

Why get restorative dentistry?

You know missing and damaged teeth affect how your smile looks. They can also hurt your dental health – and even your overall health – by making you more prone to problems like decay and infection. Repairing teeth also helps you avoid problems with your bite and allows you to eat whatever you’d like.

What does restorative dentistry cost?

We offer a wide range of restorative dentistry services, and they all differ in complexity. That means each restorative treatment is going to vary in cost. Simple procedures, like tooth fillings, will cost significantly less than dental crowns, root canal treatments, and replacement teeth. Most dental insurance plans will cover a portion of restorative dental care to offset treatment expenses.

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