It’s hard to believe we’re almost into April here in Edgewood, KY! The birds are singing, the weather is finally getting consistently nice, and it’s time to think ahead to summer. That means sports seasons are starting soon, and no matter the game you or your child plays it’s essential to have the right gear.
You probably don’t hesitate to protect your head, chest, shins, face, and other essential areas, but what are you doing for your teeth? It’s far too common for athletes to overlook the need for good dental protection: a mistake that can cost them the game, or worse!

Sports And Teeth: Not A Great Matchup
Your teeth are tough, but they have limits to what they can endure. Every year over 600,000 emergency room visits are caused by sports-related dental injuries. That’s a lot of people that are getting injured when the simple alternative is a properly fitted mouthguard!

There are some sports where a mouthguard is an obvious necessity: football, hockey, boxing, and other full contact sports seem to demand good mouth protection. But think about the other sports where a stray ball, an errant elbow, or a simple tumble can result in damaged teeth: there are a lot!

Mouthguards don’t only protect your teeth – they also protect against brain injuries as well. The force of your jaw slamming into your upper row of teeth can be intense enough to cause a concussion! The best way to absorb that kind of force? A mouthguard.

Why Over-The-Counter Guards Don’t Do The Trick
If you’ve ever been a part of organized sports you’re probably familiar with the mouthguards you can get at the sporting goods store: there’s the boil-and-bite guards, the fancy looking gel ones, the ones with big lip protectors on them, and on and on. Those mouthguards might look great but they aren’t providing the kind of protection you really need.

All of those over-the-counter products have one thing in common: they aren’t designed to fit your mouth. They might come in different sizes and shapes but you can never guarantee a proper fit before actually trying it on – and no one is going to let you do that!

Commercial mouthguards are notorious for being made of second-rate materials that wear out quickly, don’t protect very well, and fall out at the worst possible moments. They aren’t meant to cushion each individual tooth in your unique mouth – there’s simply no way they can offer perfect protection.
It’s also common for commercial mouthguards to be incredibly uncomfortable. Because they lack precise protection they try to make up for it in thickness, but all that does is gives you an uncomfortable product that’s hard to wear and makes breathing difficult. In the most important moments of a game the last thing you want is the distraction that an uncomfortable, breath-inhibiting mouthguard can cause!

The Custom Mouthguard Difference
Investing in a custom mouthguard is one of the best choices you can make for you or your child’s teeth. We design our custom athletic mouthguards based on a precise impression of your mouth and shape the guard to perfectly cushion and protect all the important parts of your mouth.

Our mouthguards are able to be made to perfectly fit, so you’ll never have to worry about uncomfortable, thick rubber getting in the way of your performance. You’ll also be able to keep your mouthguard in position easier because of how precisely it fits. When you’re in the middle of a play you’ll barely notice it’s there!

Because your mouthguard stays in place, makes breathing easier, and is more comfortable you’re far less likely to end up one of those 600,000 people who end up in the emergency room due to their favorite game. We want to keep your smile safe, and there’s no better way to do it than with the precise protection that a custom mouthguard can offer!

Get A Jump On The Competition: Get Your Mouthguard Today
Getting a custom mouthguard is simple – all you have to do is book an appointment at Edgewood Dental Care so we can take your impression and get to work. You’ll have it in just a couple of weeks and you’ll be all done gearing up.

Treat your teeth just as well as you treat the rest of your body by protecting them properly! Give us a call today at 859-474-7830 or request the perfect appointment time right here online.