Dental crowns are one of the most commonly used restorations available. Each year American dentists craft around 2.3 million crowns – that’s a lot when you consider it year after year! At Edgewood Dental Care we place plenty of crowns, and we know just what a hassle they can be. Because crowns typically take two appointments you have to take more time, lose more money, and have more hassle for a single treatment.

We don’t like that any more than you do, which is why we’re proud to offer CEREC same-day crowns at our office. Our state-of-the-art milling machine will create your crown in a single appointment so that you can leave with your brand new, permanent tooth in as little time as possible!

What Are Crowns Used For?
A dental crown is a hollow tooth cap that is meant to fit over a reshaped tooth. Crowns are designed to protect, restore, and preserve teeth for any number of different reasons, but most often from decay or trauma. A cavity that goes too deep into a tooth may need more than a filling to protect it, and trauma can result in a fractured tooth that needs to be protected.

Crowns are also used to restore a tooth after a root canal and also to create the visible portion of a dental implant, as well as having cosmetic applications in the case of a malformed tooth or other smile-damaging problems.

Why One-Day CEREC Crowns?
Traditional crown production is a two-step process. First you would come to our Edgewood office and we would reshape your tooth. We take away enough of the outer portion so that it fits under the crown and then make an impression that is sent to our dental lab. At the lab they build your crown and then return it to us, which usually takes about two weeks. During that time you’re wearing a temporary crown that just doesn’t feel, look, or work as well as the final product.

CEREC crowns are done in a single visit, from start to finish. We start with the reshaping of your tooth and then take a digital impression. The digital scan goes straight to our computer computer that uses 3D modeling technology to build your crown. We can use the computer to manipulate it, make changes, and get the exact new tooth you want. Once you’re happy with the digital look of your crown we send it to our CEREC mill where diamond-tipped burrs shape it from a block of porcelain in just about an hour.

Once your crown is done we’ll cement it in place and you’ll be ready to enjoy life with a beautiful, comfortable, and permanent new tooth!

CEREC Is More Affordable!
Do you know why crowns are so expensive? Because they’re made by highly-trained dental lab technicians that should probably be called artists! Making crowns and other dental restorations is a time-consuming and highly skilled practice that merits a hefty price tag which is passed directly on to you, the patient.
CEREC eliminates much of the cost of traditional crowns by making them in-house and using computer milling technology. We can pass the CEREC savings on to you, making the entire procedure more affordable!

CEREC Is More Time-Effective
It isn’t just the better price of your CEREC crown that makes it worth the cost – it’s also the money-saving speed that’s great. You won’t have to schedule two appointments, find two days to take off of work, miss more time, and possibly burn through valuable PTO to get your CEREC crown. It’s just one appointment that takes only a few hours.

CEREC is cheaper because it’s all done in-house by machines, and it’s cheaper because it’s easier on you. What’s to lose?

CEREC Is Simple!
One of the worst parts about getting a crown is the hassle of the temporary that you have to wear for up to two weeks. We have to use a temporary cement to keep it in place, making it a bit less stable than your permanent one. You’ll have to watch what you eat, how you care for it, and just how you life to make your temporary crown stay safe.

No one likes that hassle, and it simply doesn’t exist with CEREC. You’ll leave in a single appointment with your permanent crown, no restrictions attached.

What Are You Waiting For?
Whether you think you may need a new crown or are looking to replace an old one we’re confident a CEREC crown will please you. Find out more about this advanced restoration option by calling us at 859-474-7830 or by filling out our online appointment request form. We look forward to seeing you soon!