A healthy smile is important for everyone. It’s the mission of our team, and it’s something the World Health Organization has recognized as well. If you need a reason to visit your dentist in Edgewood, KY, just keep reading.

1. Eat Better

Your oral health is affected by what you eat. It also affects what you can eat. When you have a full set of healthy teeth, you can eat a wider variety of foods. This makes it easier to get the nutrients you need. A healthy mouth also makes it easier to chew your food for better digestion.

2. Better Overall Health

The WHO reports that nearly half of the global population is affected by some oral disease. Multiple studies and extensive research has shown that poor oral health is connected to poor overall health.

3. Improved Confidence

Poor oral health can affect you emotionally, too. When you have extensive dental problems, it can impact who willing you are to meet new people or even spend time with people you know and care about. By improving and maintaining your healthy smile, you get to enjoy more of what life has to offer.

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