If you’ve never visited our Edgewood dental office before, you may not be aware of the focus we put on cosmetic dentistry. You might think that cosmetic dentistry is its own area of dentistry. And while it does often require additional training, cosmetics should be apart of everything your dentist does.

At Edgewood Dental Care, we focus on function and appearance in everything we do. It’s not one of the other at our office. So today, we have a list for you about the advantages of great cosmetic dentistry. You can expect all of these things when you visit our Edgewood Kentucky dental office for your restoration treatments, cosmetic dentistry, or tooth replacement options.

Here’s what we can do for you:
1, Great cosmetic dentistry can make you look younger. Bright, straight teeth frame the smile and help is make a great first appearance. Studies show that the smile, not the clothes or hair, are the first thing people notice. That’s perhaps not a surprise. We can also tell you from experience that great teeth make you look younger. If the smile is the first thing someone notices about you, the quality of that smile will stick with out. Additionally, problems like missing teeth can change the physical shape of your teeth. Missing teeth can cause the the face to look sunken in or for you to develop wrinkles around the mouth — two major changes that contribute to making us look older.

2. You can have more uniform teeth. We ask a great deal from our teeth. Over time, many of us experience dental chips, cracks, or heavy stains. Any one of these problems can ruin a good smile. Cosmetic dental treatments like whitening, bonding, veneers, or crowns can give you a more uniform smile.

3. You’ll have more confidence. This one is clear. Our society appreciates a beautiful smile. If you have flaws in your teeth, it’s difficult to smile with confidence. You might even cover your teeth with your hand when you smile. People who have great teeth have more confidence and thrive in social and professional situations.

4. Cosmetic treatments can also make your teeth stronger. Having straight, white teeth does not immediately mean that you have healthy teeth. But it’s possible to restore damaged teeth with cosmetic dental services like bonding, veneers, or even crowns. All of these treatments can hide stains or chips and cracks in the teeth. Restorations like veneers or crowns can restore damaged teeth, thus making them stronger and less prone to future damage.

5. Cosmetic dentistry is ideal for patients for all ages. There is no age limit for cosmetic dental services. And we don’t accept the item that older adults shouldn’t worry about having beautiful teeth. More seniors than ever are keeping their teeth forever. So why not have a smile that you can be proud of? Our dental team can repair one damaged tooth or even full-mouth reconstructions.

As we mentioned above, we don’t consider cosmetic dentistry as it’s own dental category. We consider cosmetics every time we work on the teeth. I hope you learned a few things from this list, and I hope it changes the way you view cosmetic dentistry. Your teeth are meant to last forever, so let’s keep them beautiful forever.

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