Everyone makes root canals out to be one of the worst procedures in dentistry, and the truth is far from the horrible stereotype! As opposed to what people make root canals out to be there are a number of reasons why they’re beneficial or even necessary.

Root canals are a standard treatment at many dentists offices, and it’s no different at Edgewood Dental Care. We want to help you understand some of the important reasons why root canals are a part of our dental practice with these five important facts you really need to know about them. It might change your entire perspective on the misunderstood root canal!

#1: They Relieve Pain, Not Cause It
Do you know why we perform root canals? It’s because a cavity has gotten so far into your tooth that it has reached the soft tissue at the center of it. That tissue is full of nerves and blood vessels. If you’re seeing us at our Edgewood dentist office for a root canal you’re probably already in some kind of pain. That’s why a lot of people think root canals hurt: because of the infection they have before they get one!

Root canals remove the infected tissue from the root of your tooth while still allowing you to keep it in your mouth. You won’t have to worry about loosing the tooth, or even the pain from the infection after your root canal. Most patients don’t even report much sensitivity after the root canal is complete. On the contrary, almost every patient who has had a root canal performed at our office has been amazed at how much better they felt afterward!

#2: They Allow You To Keep Your Tooth
Even a single lost tooth can be the beginning of a domino effect of tooth loss, which is why we never extract a tooth if we don’t have to. You may have heard that it’s better to extract when there’s a need for a root canal, but that’s simply untrue: you could be endangering your entire set of teeth!
Root canals stop the infection in its tracks and seal your tooth safely in place. If cared for properly you won’t ever have to worry about losing it, making root canals the preferred method for treating an infected tooth.

#3: They Prevent Further Infection
Left untreated, an infected root can spread bacteria into the bone and gums near the tooth and even into your bloodstream. When the tissue near your tooth becomes infected it’s called an abscess – if you think an infected root is painful you haven’t seen anything yet.

Abscesses can cause the loss of bone, gum tissue, and teeth if they aren’t treated right away. The infection that starts with an abscess can even cause the loss of facial tissue. While it’s incredibly rare for that to happen it only further enforces the importance of root canals!

#4: They’re Quick
Some patients we talk to think a root canal takes multiple visits, or at the very least hours and hours. In reality we can perform a root canal fairly quickly, leaving you feeling pain-free and relieved in no time at all.

You won’t even need to make a separate trip to get a crown after your root canal – we make ours in one day with our CEREC machine! After your root canal we’ll take a digital impression and have your tooth completely restored in the same visit. After you leave you’ll be ready to get back to life as usual, and all without the tooth pain!

#5: They’re Safe
It’s another common belief that root canals are risky, and can cause re-infection later on. Let’s be clear on where this myth comes from: early 20th century medicine that has been thoroughly discredited. In fact, the idea it stems from – Focal Infection Theory – was only believed true for about 20 years!

We completely sterilize and seal the area where your tooth was infected. It’s safe from reinfection and is protected by a crown, keeping it sealed and safe for as long as you have it. Trust us: root canals are safe and effective.

Root Canals Save!
The number of patients we’ve helped with root canals is extensive. They’re a tried and true procedure that will bring you quick pain relief and a lasting smile – what’s better than that?

If you’re worried about a toothache or cavity don’t wait – you could avoid a root canal with a call to our Edgewood office today! You can reach us at 859-474-7830 or you can request an appointment by filling out our online form. We’ll see you soon!