Welcome back to another blog from your friends at Edgewood Dental Care. In honor of Dental Implant Month, we would like to take the time to remind you about the benefits of choosing dental implants as your tooth replacement options. Implants are strong, secure, reliable, and authentic. Our Edgewood, KY team would be happy to help you achieve a beautiful, functional smile once again with any of our dental implants options.

Please feel free to contact our team if you have any questions about dental implants or any of our other services. Without any further ado, here are five reasons why you should consider dental implants as the tooth replacement option for you:

Reason #1: They will help your smile stay healthy.
Did you know that dental implants are probably the replacement option most effective at helping you maintain a healthy smile? When you lose a tooth, the jaw bone begins to deteriorate because it no longer has anything to hold on to. When you replace your tooth with a conventional bridge or a removable prosthetic, this process is not stopped. When you choose dental implants, however, the implant acts as your tooth root and gives the bone something to hang on to again. This halts deterioration and allows you to avoid putting other natural teeth in danger and premature aging due to bone loss. Dental implants are also easy to clean in order to avoid gum disease — simply brush and floss like normal.

Reason #2: You will be able to eat whatever you want.
Did you know that dental implants replace almost 100 percent of your natural chewing ability? While other types of replacement options can sometimes be unstable or not as strong, implants are almost as strong as natural teeth … meaning that you will be able to eat whatever you like! You won’t have to avoid certain foods or only use one side of your mouth to chew. Dental implants allow for unlimited eating habits.

Reason #3: You will never have to deal with your teeth moving around on you!
Are you currently living with removable dentures? Do they sometimes move around on you or even pop out of your mouth unexpectedly? We understand that this can be inconvenient and embarrassing. When you choose dental implants, you will never have to worry about this again. Because dental implants are inserted directly into your gums and allowed to heal to your jaw bone, they are stable and will not move around on you … ever. Removable dentures are a good option for many people, but if you want extra security, dental implants are the way to go.

Reason #4: They look authentic … no one will notice that they are not your natural teeth.
We craft all of our restorations to look as natural as possible. We can match the size, shape, and color of your replacement teeth to your preferences. In addition, dental implants actually attach your replacement teeth to the jaw permanently, creating an even more authentic appearance.

Reason #5: You will feel confident about your smile! 
Because dental implants are strong, secure, authentic, and will help you maintain great oral health, you will feel great about your smile! Dental implants will help you regain what you have lost … and your confidence will grow because of it. If you simply want to feel great about the way you look and your smile’s ability to do its job, dental implants could be for you. Talk to our team if you want to experience increased self confidence with the help of dental implants.

Schedule A Consultation
Are you ready to learn more about dental implants? Do you think they could be a good solution for your tooth replacement needs? Our Edgewood, KY dental team would be happy to help you schedule a consultation. At this consultation, we will examine your smile and help you determine if dental implants are truly the best option for you. Give us a call at 859-474-7830 or use our online contact form to request an appointment. Either way, we would be happy to work you into our schedule.

Don’t let a less than stellar tooth replacement option hold you back from enjoy your life to the fullest. Dental implants will help you regain what you have lost. We look forward to working with you!