Dentures can be a valuable asset to patients missing teeth. Partial and full dentures are both excellent solutions to appearance and your ability to eat but if you’ve been wearing them for a while you know one thing for sure: they’re a hassle!

There are a lot of reasons why you might want to ditch your dentures but did you know we can actually have you in a new set of permanent teeth in just one visit? With the revolution of dental implants you can ditch your dentures for good – here’s just a few reasons why you’ll love the change!

#1: Eat Your Favorite Foods Again!
Our full mouth implant solutions are just like having natural teeth, and that includes your ability to eat your favorite foods! With very few exceptions you’ll be able to enjoy everything you love without fear of embarrassing denture accidents or dietary restrictions!

Imagine sitting down to a family meal over the holidays and just eating your favorite foods without spending all that time thinking about your dentures! It’s a totally life-changing experience!

#2: Live Healthier
The dietary restrictions imposed on denture wearers leaves a lot of them with nutrient deficiencies. These unavoidable dietary problems can lead to fatigue, weight loss or gain, depression, and other conditions that come with a poor diet. The worst part is that all those illnesses are due to something that was supposed to make your life better!

The second we permanently attach your implant bridges you’ll feel like a new person. In the first few weeks of healing you’ll have to be careful to avoid pain from solid foods but once your healing is mostly complete you’ll be eating better, living healthier, and participating in life just like you really want to!

#3: Treatment So Great You Can Taste (after) It!
One of the things our denture patients say they dislike the most about their dentures isn’t that they slip and fall or that they don’t look real enough – it’s that the roof of their mouths are covered! Not only does this make speaking difficult, it also cuts down on how much you can taste your meals!

Our permanent implant solutions don’t cover the roof of your mouth – they just run along your gumline and anchor to around four dental implants! You’ll be speaking naturally and tasting your food in no time!

#4: No More Denture Hassle
How tiring does it get to scrub, rinse, clean, soak, and work on those dentures? Sometimes you wonder who’s caring for whom! WIth dental implants that will never be a problem again. In fact, with our one-day immediate load implants you can go home and ditch all those creams, pastes, soaks, and brushes! Caring for dental implants is as easy as caring for your natural teeth!

#5: An Investment In Your Future
Studies suggest that wearing dentures can actually decrease your life expectancy by up to ten years. All the stress, unhappiness, and constant worry about your dentures can really take its toll after a while! While dentures can provide you with some benefits it’s clear that they’re not the ideal solution – they’ve been around in some form for over 2000 years and have always had the same problems!

Dental implant solutions can be costly, but think of what you’ll get in return. You’ll have a permanent set of teeth that let you finally live without constant anxiety. Your fears of embarrassment and humiliation around friends and family will be gone, and you’ll be smiling just as great as you did when you had your natural teeth.

The change in your life that will come with dental implants at our Edgewood dentist office is unbelievable. Once you experience them for yourself you’ll wonder how you ever dealt with dentures.

We’d love to have the opportunity to improve your life in this way. Call Edgewood Dental Care to schedule an implant consultation today.

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