It’s August, and that means your youngsters are back to school. When it comes to treating patients, our Edgewood dental office loves teaching patients and their families about the benefits of keeping teeth forever.
At Edgewood Dental Care, that means offering elite cleanings and exams, while also provide restorative dentistry if something goes wrong instead your mouth! All of your bases are covered here! You can become one of our amazing patients by calling the office today at 859-534-9840 or by filling out the online form. Today we have a special post for you. You can keep this information on your computer or post it to your refrigerator. Here are five ways to protect yourself against tooth decay.

1. Brush, brush, brush … for at least two minutes twice a day

It’s not unique to hear this piece of advice from your dentist. While many of our dental patients are diligent about brushing twice a day, a lot of people don’t brush long enough. Your main goal with brushing is to remove plaque and harmful acids before they cause cavities. Well, plaque is a soft substance that can be easily removed with brushing. So instead of giving your teeth a good “once-over” in the morning and before bed, by thorough. You should brush for two minutes, hitting every quadrant of the mouth.

2. Increase your water intake

Most people aren’t drinking enough water. That’s nothing new. But water can be a great defender against cavity-causing substances. Above we mentioned that plaque is a soft substance and can be easily remove. Water can help in that fight. Water not only keep your mouth hydrated, but it can help remove food debris from your mouth and stop plaque from even forming. Additionally, a dry mouth will actually increase your risk of cavities and other dental problems.

3. Clean every portion of the tooth

What more could you do than brushing your teeth for two full minutes? Well, you probably already know the answer! It’s floss. Look, we understand that most American’s hate to floss, but this small tool can do a lot for your mouth. Flossing will remove food debris and harmful substances from between the teeth and clean below the gum line. Floss defends against tooth decay and gum disease. About 65 percent of your teeth is located above the gum line. The remaining portion of the tooth is beneath the gum line.

4. Use fluoride-based dental products

Brushing and flossing regularly is a great way to stay cavity-free, but you can stack the deck in your favor with the help of fluoride. We dentists know that fluoride is a natural substance that fights off cavities and even reverses the early stages of decay. We’ll find fluoride in many over-the-counter toothpastes and dental products. You can also visit our office for a fluoride treatment.

5. Visit Your Edgewood KY dentists!

At Edgewood Dental Care, we can assess your mouth and develop a specific plan that is best for you. Our cleanings and exams are important because we don’t just clean the teeth, but we polish the teeth making it harder for plaque and harmful substances to attach to the tooth. We also provide preventive measures like fluoride (discussed above) and dental sealants, which are thin layers of plastic that literally block out tooth decay.
You can schedule a visit with us today by calling 859-534-9840 or access the online form.