No, you didn’t read that wrong: DIY dentistry is gaining steam! Don’t ask us why people think it’s a good idea because it definitely isn’t! Your mouth is an incredibly complicated part of your body and needs a lot of special care and attention to get working right!

At Edgewood Dental Care our entire team has been highly trained and educated to provide great dental care and that’s what we’re passionate about! If you’ve considered DIY dental care don’t go outside and grab the power drill – let us help you get dentistry that’s effective, safe, and beautiful!

What Exactly Are People Thinking?
It makes sense when you think about it, at least on some level. Toolshed dentists are generally trying to save money and eliminate any discomfort or pain they may be in. While we understand that good dental care can be expensive we’d always tell you that we can work with you to help finance your dental care!

Some of the procedures that people are trying can have devastating results. It doesn’t take much more than a quick Google search to turn up countless YouTube videos, tutorial webpages, and photographs of people who’ve taken their dental care into their own hands.

Some die hard DIY’ers have had success with their attempts at dental care, but others haven’t! Whenever you take your medical care into your own hands you’re running serious risks of immediate injury, infection, or permanent, long-term damage!

  • A man in England had lost most of his teeth and fashioned himself a DIY splint. The permanent fixture was similar to the full-mouth dental implant solutions we offer but much more primitive. The worst part was why he finally turned up at a dentist: the leftover root of one of his teeth became infected and caused serious pain! He ended up in the hospital and was probably in for some serious medical work!
  • Teenagers are apparently getting into the DIY braces craze. This involves tying hair ties or rubber bands around your front teeth to close gaps. Unfortunately for some people who’ve tried it they’ve ended up with rubber bands beneath their gumline! This causes damage to teeth, gums, and bone and can lead to the loss of all three! Imagine being without your two front teeth for good, and at so young an age!
  • One video shows a man crafting false teeth out of polymer clay. He fires them in an oven and then proceeds to stick them in place where his missing teeth are. The worst part? He cements them in place using Gorilla Glue after warning watchers to “probably not do this part.” Gorilla glue is highly toxic and swallowing even a little bit can cause intestinal blockage and serious harm!
  • There’s another fellow who crafted his own dental crown, impression and all! And we weren’t joking about going out to the shed and getting the drill – that’s exactly how he prepped his tooth! And all by himself too!

The things these people did is incredibly dangerous and can lead to permanent harm that costs far more to fix than the original procedure would have!

Getting The Right Care
We’re able to provide you with plenty of dental care solutions for all your needs without you having to do it yourself!

We offer a wide range of orthodontic services for teens and adults. We can get you a great straight smile in record time with the treatments we offer! Fastbraces can work in just a few months, Invisalign is hardly noticeable, and ceramic braces perfectly match your teeth!
We can replace one or more missing teeth with something far more convincing than Fimo. Our dental implants and state-of-the-art dental crowns are the perfect combination to restore one or more teeth!

If you’re just plain interested in a completely new smile we can do that too! We offer full smile makeovers that can take you from a smile you want to hide to one you show off with pride! In just a few procedures that we agree on as a dental care team we’ll have you looking just the way you always dreamed!

Make The Right Choice For Your Oral Health
Don’t try any of this at home! We’re ready to see you at our Edgewood dentist office – just call us at 859-474-7830 or request an appointment by filling out our online form. We look forward to seeing you soon!