You wear your dentures every day – are you ever curious about how clean they are? Have you ever been concerned that your dentures aren’t as fresh as the should be? There’s new research that points to potential problems with your dentures that could be making you seriously ill!

At Edgewood Family Dental we’ve been creating great dentures for our patients for years. One of the most common problems that we see is a relaxed attitude toward the wearing and cleaning of dentures – a problem that could be devastating!

What The Research Found
The study that found potentially deadly bacteria living in dentures found that a majority of dentures (64 percent) contained bacteria that caused respiratory conditions like pneumonia! Just the simple act of wearing your dentures and breathing could be enough to cause a serious respiratory infection that could risk your health!

This study is frightening for more than one reason: first off, the older you get the worse your risk for a serious infection like pneumonia and bronchitis. Second, the bacteria that was found on dentures came from plaque that builds up on them over time – sometimes a simple soaking isn’t enough!

Avoiding Denture Diseases
Dentures need to be kept extra clean to ensure that bacteria and plaque doesn’t build up on them over time. Caring for your dentures at home is important, but don’t think that just because you don’t have any more teeth that you can avoid the dentist! In fact, professional dental care is very important for denture wearers!

When you come to us for an exam we’ll take the time to clean your dentures, check your gums for any irritation and inflammation, and also make any required adjustments to your dentures. Over time the bone in your jaw changes and your dentures need to be adjusted to keep them comfortable and properly fit!

Want A Better Solution?
If you’re just plain tired of wearing your dentures we can help you there too! We have several solutions to help you avoid the irritation, slipping, creams, and inconvenience of dentures!

Dental Implants are a perfect solution for patients wanting to ditch their dentures! Using a series of four to six implants we can actually have you in and out the door in one appointment with a new smile! Our implants are immediately load bearing, meaning that we’ll fit you with a temporary set of new teeth that are fixed in place – no more slipping or taking them out for nighttime washing!

The new teeth that are permanently attached don’t cover the roof of your mouth either – talking will be easier and eating will be more enjoyable! You’ll be amazed at the feeling of a permanent set of teeth! The temporary fixed set of teeth you wear will be replaced once your implants have fully healed. Then you’ll be fitted with an amazingly real, permanent set of teeth – no more dentures!

Implant-Supported Dentures are also available! If you want to keep your existing dentures or save money this is a great solution! We’ll place four dental implants that are topped with either a bar or several metal balls. Your dentures are modified to clip right onto the bar or balls and stay in place all day long! Imagine being able to eat, talk, and smile without worrying for your dentures!

Making Good Choices
Whether you want to keep your dentures and just find out more about staying healthy or you want to completely replace your dentures with a permanent dental implant solution we’re ready to help you find the perfect fit!

Don’t wait another day with dentures you hate – call Edgewood Dental Care today at 859-474-7830! You can also request an appointment by filling out our online form. Someone from our office will call you back during regular business hours to confirm your appointment time. We look forward to seeing you soon!