You haven’t felt this confident about your smile in years, if ever.

Seeing your straight teeth in the mirror makes you want to take more picture to post online. It makes you want to meet new people and take on new challenges. You didn’t realize how much your lack of confidence in your crooked smile was holding you back until you finished your orthodontic treatment.

Thanks to Invisalign and some support from the team at Edgewood Dental Care, you feel great, both about your teeth and about yourself.

Or you could feel this way if you visit our office in Edgewood, KY. Call 859-474-7830 today to set up a consultation. Take the first step toward your new and improved smile.

Begin Your Journey

Many patients have come to us after feeling embarrassed about their smiles for years. At some point, they have grown tired of feeling like they should hide their crooked or crowded teeth. They decide to do something about the space in their teeth that makes them self-conscious. They are ready to take control of their overbite, underbite, or other bite problems.

We can’t recall anyone telling us that they wish they had waited longer to change their teeth. However, several patients have told after seeing their new smiles that their only regret is that they waiting so long to do something about it.

You too can have a better smile, the smile you’ve dreamed about having. But you won’t reach your goal unless and until you begin your journey. It won’t happen overnight. However, our team can provide encouragement and expertise to get you where you want to go.

Clear Your Path

Maybe you’ve been thinking about orthodontic care for a long time. Maybe your hesitation has more to do with the treatment than the issues you would like to fix.

We understand. Many patients, particularly adults, are reluctant to wear braces. You may not like the idea of wearing braces with metal brackets and wires for more than a year. That’s why you should know that isn’t your only option.
Clear ceramic braces are more discreet than metal braces. For the least noticeable option, we offer Invisalign clear aligners. For many people, this is an effective option for improving your smile without calling attention to your treatment.

With this treatment, you receive a series of custom-make plastic aligners. Each one is meant to be worn a few weeks before you move on to the next aligner in your sequence. By wearing them as directed, you can keep getting closer to your dream smile.

See Your Future

If you still aren’t sure this if this for you, schedule an Invisalign consultation at Edgewood Dental Care. We can make a digital impression of your teeth with our iTero scanner. Then, we can show you how your smile could change through computer software.

Seeing your straight smile can help you make a decision to move forward. Contact Edgewood Dental Care online or call 859-474-7830 today to request an appointment.