Dental Implants For A Better Life In NKY

Dr. McMahon is the go-to guy for dental implants in Northern Kentucky. That’s because he has invested the time and resources to get really good at placing them. At Edgewood Dental Care, we know how hard it can be to go through life without a complete set of teeth. That’s why we make it easy for you to get back on track fast. Now that you know where to go to address your tooth loss issues, you probably want to know more about how to get started.

Read on to hear some commonly asked questions about dental implants, and then be sure to get in touch to schedule your restorative dentistry consultation in our Edgewood, KY dentist’s office. We’ll give you something to smile about!

How Do Dental Implants Work?

The procedure involves a two-part process. In the first part you will have an implant (the root) surgically inserted into your jawbone. After sufficient healing/fusion has taken place, you will have a crown placed to complete the look of your great new smile.

Will The Implant Surgery Be Painful?

No! We will do everything possible to make it a pain-free and pleasant experience for you. That includes employing sedation dentistry techniques to guarantee that your visit is smooth and comfortable. We have three levels available here.

Are Dental Implants Comfortable?

Yes! Almost as good as the real thing! Our implants are crafted to feel like your natural teeth. The artificial tooth, or crown, is custom-made to fit your mouth. It will be the right size, shape, and color to blend in with the rest of your teeth.

How Long Do Dental Implants Last?

Dental implants are designed to last a lifetime but they will require some maintenance, just like your real teeth.

Brushing twice a day for two or more minutes, flossing and rinsing regularly, and visiting the dentist every three to six months will keep you on the right path. The good news is that they will actually extend your life according to recent studies!

What Are Mini Implants?

If you don’t have enough bone to support a conventional dental implant and you’re looking for an alternative to bone grafting, mini implants may just be the solution for you.

As the name suggests, mini implants are smaller than full/conventional implants and are designed to expedite treatment. Mini dental implants can be placed and loaded in one appointment. Like their larger counterparts, each tiny rod (usually made of titanium or other biocompatible materials) is placed strategically to act as tooth root to replacement teeth such as dentures, crowns and bridges.

Will Dental Implants Work For Me?

To determine if dental implants are the best solution for you, you will have to schedule a consultation with our team. When you pay us a visit in-person, Dr. McMahon will be able to examine your mouth, take digital X-rays, and assess your bone structure.

Can I Start Today?

Yes! We are ready when you are. Contact us now to arrange for your dental implant assessment in our Northern Kentucky dentist’s office. Then we’ll get to work on restoring your smile and reclaiming your life!

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