The loss of even a single tooth can have devastating effects on your self confidence, happiness, and desire to socialize. If you’ve lost a single tooth or more you’ve probably looked for ways to revitalize your smile but what choice is the best for you? At Edgewood Dental Care we’re proud to offer state-of-the-art dental implants in a variety of different forms! From a single lost tooth to a replacement for full mouth dentures we have the solution you’ve been looking for!
If you’ve considered dental implants in the past or are excited by the prospect of permanent tooth replacement that looks and feels just like the real thing you probably have questions. There are a lot of common things we hear from our implant patients and today we want to help you understand the truth about dental implants!

Are Dental Implants Worth The Cost?
A lot of our dental implant patients are concerned about the price tag of a dental implant procedure. We understand that there are significant costs for dental implants but we want you to know how worth it they are! Think of your dental implants as an investment in your health and happiness – you’re getting to benefit from years and years of permanent teeth replacements that are just as sturdy as the real thing!
Like any other surgery that restores a damaged part of your body, say a titanium knee replacement, there is going to be a cost. But the cost of that procedure is worth it to regain the use of that joint, or in this case your smile!

Is The Healing Process Long?
Most of the dental implants we place are fully integrated within three to four months. That’s not long for a lifetime of benefit! Many patients are worried that they’ll have to worry about uncomfortable, exposed implants for months but that isn’t the case – we can place dental implants that are able to bear weight and be crowned or bridged right away!

The idea of getting implants and going without teeth is not a pleasant one! With our all-on-four implants and our implant supported dentures you don’t have to worry about that at all. You’ll be walking out the door with a set of fixed permanent teeth! You’ll need to eat soft foods for a while during the healing process but you’ll be 100 percent before you know it!

Are Dental Implants Noticeable?
Not at all! When we restore your implant with its permanent crown or bridge it will blend seamlessly with your real teeth. Our CEREC milling machine makes crowns in just about an hour, and you’ll be amazed at how realistic and matching to your natural teeth they are!

Our full mouth implant solutions are secured to your gumline above where anyone will see. All they’ll notice is an incredibly beautiful smile that you never have to take out! Even our temporary bridges that are placed immediately after implant surgery amaze our patients with how realistic they look!

Is It Hard To Care For Dental Implants?
Once your dental implants are healed you take care of them just like natural teeth! That means brushing twice a day and flossing in the evening. Patients at our Edgewood dentist office who still have natural teeth should plan on getting regular six month checkups and those with full mouth solutions can probably go a few months longer between exams.

As long as you treat your dental implants like natural teeth you’ll have them for the rest of your life! Oral hygiene is still important with implants because of the risks for gum disease like infections called peri-implant disease.

Dental Implants Can Work For You!
We’re confident that you’ll absolutely love your dental implants. Imagine having a beautiful smile that’s permanent and strong, allowing you to eat all the foods you love that have been off the menu for years! With even a single missing tooth you can have difficulty eating and dentures definitely leave you with problems. We can eliminate those starting today – make an appointment at Edgewood Dental Care to start your journey!

You can reach us by calling 859-474-7830 or you can request an appointment by filling out our online form. We look forward to seeing you soon!