We place a lot of dental implants at Edgewood Dental Care, and in that time we’ve been lucky enough to see countless patients smile with pride at the results. Implants can transform your life, especially if you’ve been living with missing teeth or uncomfortable dentures.
We spend a lot of time telling you about the clinical benefits and practical advantages of implants on our website and blog. Today we thought we’d take the chance to let our patients speak for us. We’ve received a lot of feedback over the years in regards to dental implants – we’ll let the results speak for themselves!

Dental Implants: In Their Own Words
Patients just like you have benefitted from our implant treatments. You might even see something here that reminds you of your case!

I’ve been living with dentures for a long time. They fit worse and worse as time passes. I heard about dental implants and went to see Dr. McMahon. Now I’m wearing a fixed bridge that never comes out, and I love it!
 – Clark, Florence KY

Clark is now wearing All-On-Four bridges. The All-On-Four system uses four implants that hold a full mouth bridge permanently in place. He just as to brush his teeth like they were completely natural – no headaches, soaking, or other denture clutter needed!

I lost two teeth playing football when I was younger. I had a bridge put in years ago but it was starting to show its age. I work with clients face-to-face all the time and I can’t afford to look bad. I opted to have a couple of dental implants placed and I couldn’t be happier with how real they look and feel.

 – Nathan, Fort Mitchell KY

Dental implants aren’t just for restoring teeth lost due to aging. Sometimes a single tooth is knocked out in an accident and it’s better to place an implant. That way you don’t have to reshape two teeth to fit a bridge. In Nathan’s case we were able to restore his missing teeth with implants and crown the neighboring teeth.

I didn’t take very good care of my teeth when I was younger and started losing them to gum disease when I was in my 50’s. I hated my partial dentures – absolutely hated them! They irritated my gums, fell out, and were a general nuisance. I had dental implants placed and it was the best decision of my life.

 – Anna, Independence KY

For a lot of people gum disease takes a serious toll. For Anna it was around half of her upper teeth, including three at the front. By having several implant bridges and a couple implant crowns placed she was able to get back to living life like she used to – denture free!

I lost all of my molars to decay, and I had a really hard time eating. I managed to get by without dentures for a long time since you couldn’t see my lost teeth, but I had to find a solution. Implants were it.
 – Donna, Edgewood KY

Donna’s lost teeth weren’t a cosmetic issue for her, but they were a functional one. She went a long time without a solution but you should have heard her voice on the phone when she could finally eat her favorite foods again – she called us to let us know how great it was!

What Implants Can Do For You
With just a few dental implants you could be living life the way you used to before you ever lost a single tooth. Implants act just like a natural tooth, binding to your bone and providing strong, reliable support that lasts for years. With proper care a dental implant will be with you for life.

We can replace single teeth, partial dentures, and even complete denture sets with permanent, fixed-in-place teeth that you can count on. In many cases we can even have you out the door in one day with a new set of teeth firmly in place!

Find Out What The Implant Difference Is All About
There’s only one way to find out what implants can really do for you, and that’s by scheduling a consultation at our Edgewood dentist office. We’d love to give you the grand tour of implant technology – we’re confident you’ll find a solution you’ll love.

To schedule an appointment simply call us on the phone at 859-474-7830 or fill out our online request form. We look forward to seeing you soon!