At Edgewood Dental Care we take patient care seriously. We want you to have the best dental experience possible when you trust us with your smile. That’s why in our Edgewood, KY dentist office you will find some of the latest dental technology available. But we don’t invest in technology just because it’s available. If it won’t help our patients, we don’t need it.

Gone are the days when dentistry meant just yanking a tooth when it started hurting. Modern dentistry is much more than that. We work hard to help our patients keep their mouths healthy and intact so they can smile confidently and without embarrassment.

Along with the invaluable expertise of Dr. McMahon, Dr. Peak, and Dr. Middendorf, our modern office enables us to do that. Below are some examples of advanced technology that we regularly use to treat our patients.

Cone Beam CT Scanner Provides 3D Imaging

We offer a number of cosmetic and restorative dental procedures, many of which would be more difficult to perform without this piece of equipment. It produces detailed 3D images that aid us in planning complex treatments. With it we can get a much closer look at tooth structures, roots, nerves, and soft tissues.
This level of detail is helpful for mapping out procedures such as dental implant placement and wisdom tooth removal, and can even help diagnose TMJ disorders. In addition, the CBCT scanner’s images can help us spot tooth decay that otherwise might be missed.

DIAGNOdent Pen Detects Cavities Earlier

As part of your routine exam, we will use the DIAGNOdent pen to inspect your teeth for cavities. This innovative tool uses laser fluorescence to detect cavities on the tooth’s surface as well as below the surface where visual inspection might not spot them. Using this tool allows us to catch and treat tooth decay in its early stages, helping prevent the need for more extensive repair.

CEREC Technology Makes Same-Day Crowns Possible

If you’ve ever had a dental crown placed, you probably had to wait several weeks for it to be made in a lab somewhere. With our CEREC system, we can make your new crown right in our office. You can get same-day crowns without having to return for a second visit!

The secret is CEREC’s CAD/CAM technology that takes digital measurements of the patient’s mouth and then sends this information to our in-office mill that precisely crafts the crown from a single block of material. Our patients love that they can get all this done in one easy visit.

iTero Intraoral Digital Scanner Aids in Invisalign Treatment

Our digital scanner provides us real-time 3D images inside your mouth. These are most useful when we are setting up a patient for Invisalign orthodontic treatment. The information from the scans can be sent directly to our lab partner so they can create the patient’s custom teeth aligners.
Using the iTero scanner along with Invisalign treatment allows us to straighten teeth in a little as 12 months  – comfortably and discreetly with plastic aligners rather than metal braces.

LANAP Lasers Make Gum Disease Treatment More Comfortable

For gum disease treatment, LANAP lasers provide a much better patient experience than traditional gum disease surgery does. The gentle laser will precisely target just the areas of gum and tissue that need removal, preserving more of your healthy tissue. Plus, stitches are usually not needed, which results in less discomfort and a shorter recovery time.

Digital Radiography Exposes Patients to Less Radiation

Digital radiography creates an instant digital X-ray to aid in diagnosing and treating our patients. But the best part is that you are exposed to 90 percent less radiation than with traditional X-rays. We get high-quality radiographs and you get more benefit to your health. That’s a win-win situation!

Even with all this great technology, it is still our wonderful dentists and staff that make Edgewood Dental Care different. We invite you to come in soon and experience modern dentistry as it should be. Call us today at 859-474-7830 or fill out our convenient online form to request an appointment.