Dental Technology: The Future Is Now!

We live in an age of unprecedented technological growth. Our phones keep getting smaller, faster, and better. Our computers are leagues ahead of where science fiction predicted they’d be, and they just keep getting better! Some of the great leaps we’ve taken in technology have been made to directly benefit patients in all fields of medicine, and that includes dentistry!

At Edgewood Dental Care we’ve been fortunate to have the ability to invest in some of the latest technologies in the dental industry. These amazing machines help us give you great care that wasn’t available even a few years ago! Each machine we use has made our care less painful, more efficient, more accurate, and just plain better than it was before.

That’s what we want to talk about today – the amazing technology that we have available to you and what it can do for your oral health. When it comes to dental technology the future is now!

Cone Beam CT Scanning

You’ve heard of a CT scanner – those huge ring-like machines that you get slid through at the hospital. They create great pictures of your head, but we don’t need something that big, so we use a cone beam scanner! This device uses a focused beam to produce a 3D image of your teeth, jaw, and face that allows us to see every little detail.

Cone beam CT scans are incredibly accurate and allow us to make faster, more efficient diagnosis along with planning and building dental restorations. Your treatment will simply be better with the use of a cone beam CT scanner!

CEREC Milling Technology

Have you ever had a crown or other kind of dental restoration? If so, do you remember having to wait for weeks to get your final restoration back from the lab? That temporary just doesn’t do the trick! Using CEREC technology we can create dental crowns right in our office while you wait – it usually only takes an hour!

CEREC uses the digital imaging from our cone beam CT machine and intraoral cameras to build the perfect restoration out of porcelain that is matched to the natural color of your teeth. You’ll leave the same day with your permanent crown!

iTero Intraoral Scanners

We don’t always need a cone beam CT level image of your teeth. Say for example you’re getting Invisalign at our Edgewood dentist office – we just want the perfect image of your teeth! This is accomplished using our iTero intraoral scanner!

Using a small wand that is passed through your mouth we can capture a real-time 3D image of your teeth that allows us to plan perfect cosmetic procedures! The procedure is quick, painless, and provides results that are invaluable in planning successful and efficient care!

The Wand

Scared of dental injections? They’re necessary in a lot of procedures and can really hurt! To minimize pain we use The Wand, an amazing device that takes the pain out of dental injections!

The wand is a computer controlled injection system that not only pre-numbs the surface of your gums, it also allows us to fine tune the amount of anesthesia we provide! You won’t have to worry about your whole face being numb with The Wand!

LANAP Lasers

If you need treatment for gum disease or are interested in cosmetic gum reshaping you might be scared of having your gums sliced up with a scalpel. That isn’t a concern at Edgewood Dental Care! We use LANAP lasers for our gum treatments so that you can get great results without a single cut!

LANAP lasers instantly vaporize gum tissue and seal it to prevent any bleeding. This also minimizes pain and speeds up healing time as well! You’ll love laser dentistry as much as we do when you see and feel the results!

Find Out More In Person!

To really see what our advanced dental technology can do you should really come check it out in person! If you want to schedule a visit to Edgewood Dental Care call us today at 859-474-7830! If you’re ready to invest in the future of your oral health then why wait – make an appointment using our online appointment request form! We look forward to seeing you soon!

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