Don’t Fall For These Teeth Whitening Tricks

Try and try again, but you’ll probably always be a bit disappointed with teeth whitening products, right? A lot of the patients we see at Edgewood Dental Care definitely are. The inconsistency of commercial teeth whitening products leaves a lot to be desired despite claims of “revolutionary treatments” or gimmicks.

Our Edgewood dentist office still believes in teeth whitening and we have several treatments that are effective, reliable, and truly remarkable. Don’t waste your time falling for teeth whitening tricks when you can get real professional teeth whitening results with us!

Trick #1: Active Ingredients

Take a look at some of the whitening products on the shelf at your drugstore and they’ll probably say one of two things for the active ingredient: hydrogen peroxide or carbamide peroxide. That’s because those are the only who whitening products that deliver results that have been proven over years of use and testing.

There are plenty of alternative treatments out there that claim to whiten teeth without one of those two chemicals but the proof simply isn’t there! We know that peroxide-based teeth whitening is successful, effective, and safe – why change it?

Hydrogen peroxide whitens teeth by breaking down into oxygen and water. It’s that reaction that breaks up and removes stains, which is why we use hydrogen peroxide in all the professional teeth whitening treatments we offer at Edgewood Dental Care. Carbamide peroxide works, but often less effectively because it first has to break down into hydrogen peroxide and urea, resulting in weaker whitening that takes longer.

Trick #2: Gimmicks

A lot of whitening kits are including new gadgets like LED lights, or are made of ultra-thin strips that stick to your teeth. While both of those systems have a basis in tried and true professional teeth whitening products they simply don’t work in their commercial forms!

Light-based whitening, which we offer at Edgewood Dental Care, requires finely-tuned ultraviolet light to accelerate the whitening process. Think about the bottle of hydrogen peroxide in your medicine cabinet: it’s brown because light ruins hydrogen peroxide by forcing it to break down into oxygen and water. We want that result, and by controlling it with UV light we can get faster, more effective whitening.

LED lights just can’t provide the same power or kind of light that professional products like our ZOOM whitening. The same goes for other gadgets and product tricks: they simple can’t provide the same results because you need a professional to administer them safely!

Trick #3: One Size Fits All

Pick up a traditional teeth whitening kit at the store and it usually comes with plastic trays to put your whitening gel in. While using trays to whiten your teeth does work there’s something unfortunately wrong about these universal whitening trays that poses a big problem: they don’t fit properly!

This might not seem like a problem but it actually is quite a large one. Hydrogen peroxide, as we mentioned earlier, is really sensitive. So sensitive, in fact, that your saliva breaks it down almost instantly! A whitening tray that isn’t custom made for your mouth will lead to uneven, unpredictable, and disappointing results.

At Edgewood Dental Care we use KöR deep bleaching, a system that uses customized whitening trays which are built to fit your teeth. They also form a tight yet comfortable seal around your teeth to keep out saliva, making the results of this whitening system reliable, consistent, and effective. Don’t waste your time and money trying to use non-custom whitening trays – you’ll be disappointed!

Get Results The First Time

The teeth whitening we offer at Edgewood Dental Care is truly effective, reliable, and safe. Whether you want to whiten your teeth at our office in just a single easy treatment or would prefer to do it in the comfort of your own home we can make your smile beautiful again!

Don’t waste time trying to get the results you want out of over-the-counter whitening kits when we can give you what you want the first time. Contact Edgewood Dental Care today to find out which professional teeth whitening option is best for you!

You can reach our Edgewood dentist office at 859-474-7830 or you can request an appointment by filling out our online form. We look forward to seeing you soon!

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