Don’t Underestimate Mouthguards for Children [Video]

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Mouthguards for children can greatly reduce their risk of dental injury – as much as 60 times! If your kids are participating in school sports this year, don’t forget to pack a custom mouthguard in their backpack when they head off each morning. In fact, consider a mouthguard if your kids are athletic in any way, whether that’s skateboarding or gymnastics, horseback riding or ATV riding.

Our Edgewood, KY family dentists design our sports guards just for your children’s mouths, ensuring a more comfortable fit that helps them breathe and speak better.

Watch this American Dental Association video on the importance of a quality mouthguard. Then set up a custom fitting at Edgewood Dental Care by calling 859-474-7830 or contacting us online. We offer adult mouthguards, too!

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