In our previous blog we discussed a few foods and drinks that can be secret tooth destroyers. Today we want to change course and help you find some snacks that are great at protecting your teeth! Not all foods are out to get you – hopefully some of your favorites make this list!

At Edgewood Dental Care our entire team is dedicated to keeping your mouth healthy for years to come. We’re firm believers in proactive protection of your teeth and so we want to help you do everything you can. These foods are a great way to get a jump on your oral health and beat back bacteria!

Tooth Defender #1: Cheese
Of all the dairy products out there cheese has been shown time and again to be an incredible defender of your oral health. It has the uncanny ability to really shut down plaque acids for a variety of reasons and it’s delicious too!

First off, cheese has a really basic reading on the pH scale. That puts it far across the line from plaque acids. It’s much stronger than the acids and is able to neutralize them pretty quick! Cheese has also shown the ability to keep acid and bacteria levels down for longer periods of time!

Cheese is also sticky and hangs around your mouth for a while. If you remember our last blog we definitely didn’t speak highly of sticky foods but cheese is an exception! By sticking around cheese is able to protect your teeth longer and stronger than other kinds of dairy!

Tooth Defender #2: Tea
Tea, both black and green, is great for your teeth! Green tea has a slight edge due to its higher levels of catechins, compounds that beat back plaque acids! Catechins are antibacterial and actually help wipe out the bacteria that causes tooth-destroying acids! They also keep your mouth at a nice, balanced level for a longer time, thus keeping you safe from plaque acids!

One important note: don’t drink your tea with sugar! Adding any sugar to your tea pretty much nullifies the catechins and turns your drink into a tooth-destroyer.

One more note: if you’re worried about staining your teeth by drinking tea just add a bit of milk! Studies have shown that a dash of milk in your tea can help repel stains!

Tooth Defender #3: Fiber-Rich Vegetables
Veggies: is there anything they can’t do? They’re full of nutrients, taste great, and some of them are great at protecting your teeth! Vegetables like spinach, broccoli, carrots, beans, and others that are rich in fiber are the perfect tooth defenders!

Fiber helps stimulate your mouth’s saliva production due to it being harder to chew. Saliva is a natural plaque acid destroyer, bacteria dislodger, and food chuck liberator. Increased saliva production is really good for keeping your mouth cleared of harmful elements!

Tooth Defender #4: Good Old Water!
Of course water’s on this list: you wouldn’t expect us to leave it out, would you?
Water is the ideal tooth defender. Your body needs it to stay hydrated, and hydration equals more saliva production! You know that feeling when you don’t drink enough water and your mouth gets dry? That’s the feeling, taste, and smell, of plaque bacteria. It thrives under dry conditions without saliva to keep it in check! Keeping up on your eight glasses a day can protect your oral health and your whole body!

As an added tip stick to tap water. In most places around the country fluoride is added to the water supply. Fluoride helps your teeth rebuild enamel that has been lost due to the attacks of plaque acid! The levels in your tap water are perfectly safe and can go a long way in protecting your teeth!

Make The Right Choices For Your Teeth!
All the great food choices in the world are nothing if you don’t combine them with good oral hygiene. Brush your teeth twice a day for at least two minutes and make sure to floss in the evening! And that’s not all you should do to maintain a healthy mouth: professional dental cleanings and exams are important too!

To schedule your next cleaning and exam at Edgewood Dental Care call us today! Our number is 859-474-7830. You can also schedule an appointment by filling out our online appointment request form! We look forward to helping you protect your teeth for years to come!