Minor orthodontic issues shouldn’t take years to fix, right? In the past you didn’t have a lot of options but modern dentistry is simply rich with short term orthodontic treatments that can perfect your smile in less time than ever before.

Not all of these treatments are ideal for all patients, however, which is why we offer more than one. Today we want to talk about the premier option for patients who want to correct simple orthodontic issues that primarily affect the look of their smiles and want to do it in less time than they ever thought possible. That solution is called Fastbraces, and it’s really changing the orthodontic world.

What Are Fastbraces?
The Fastbraces system is still brackets and wires, but that’s where the similarity ends. Fastbraces were redesigned from the ground up to be an orthodontic system that maximizes efficiency in order to create amazing results in less time than ever before: many patients are finished with treatment in as little as 20 weeks!

Fastbraces makes itself unique in two major ways: they’ve redesigned the bracket and the wire. Instead of the traditional square bracket Fastbraces uses state-of-the-art triangular brackets that increase the distance between the brackets to increase movement speed.

The wire is another great Fastbraces innovation: rather than being round it’s square! The wire is also designed to react to the heat in your mouth: while we’re placing it the wire is super floppy: almost like a noodle. Once it’s in place and your mouth is closed the wire bounces back into a stiffer form, allowing it to do its work!

Fastbraces Advantages: Why Choose Them?
Aside from the fact that treatment could be over in mere months there are a number of reasons why Fastbraces are an ideal treatment for any patients who qualify for them.

Appointments Are Less Frequent, so you can go on with your life without worrying about constant visits to our Edgewood dentist office. One of the major reasons we don’t need to constantly see you is because your Fastbraces will ever only need one wire. It will go on when you get your braces on for the first time and then come off at the end: no swapping wires and re-adjusting in the middle of treatment!

Minimal Retainer Use is required after treatment. In fact, most patients will be able to get away with only wearing their retainers for about 20 minutes a day! You can just put your retainer in while you shower and then take it out when you’re done: that’s it! Compare that to the almost 24/7 retainer wear that comes with the initial few months of traditional braces: definitely preferable.

Patients Report Minimal Pain despite the faster tooth movement. One of the biggest complaints that orthodontic patients have is the discomfort of braces. It’s surprising, but most of our Fastbraces patients don’t have complaints about the effects of their braces.

We Can Match Them To Your Teeth using ceramic brackets and tooth-colored wires. These invisible braces are a great way to get the speed of Fastbraces without having to deal with the appearance of traditional orthodontics.

Sounds Great, But Do You Qualify?
Fastbraces isn’t a full-mouth orthodontic solution. It focuses primarily on moving the teeth that are seen when you smile. It does so amazingly but patients with significant bite correction needs or other serious orthodontic issues probably won’t see the results they want.

When you come to Edgewood Dental Care for a Fastbraces consultation we’ll use various exam methods and digital imaging to determine if Fastbraces is right for you. Our primary goal is always safe, effective treatment that gets you the results you want. We’ll never recommend a treatment that isn’t the best solution for you.

Find Out If Fastbraces Are For You: Call Today!
If you had Fastbraces put on today you could have them off by April. Imagine being able to greet the spring with a beautiful new smile and the confidence that comes with it. We can make that happen at Edgewood Dental Care!

You can reach our office by calling 859-474-7830 or you can request an appointment by filling out our online form. We look forward to seeing you soon!