If you have loose dentures or missing teeth, you have probably searched the ends of the internet for better permanent tooth options. Missing teeth can be devastating. They change the way your smile looks, and they make it difficult to eat the food you love.

The dentists at Edgewood Dental Care have devoted their careers to helping patients overcome bad teeth or missing teeth. Today, replacing missing teeth is possible with dental implants. Our dental implants are made from titanium, metal that naturally fuses to the bone. Dental implants are the only treatment in dentistry that can restore your mouth to about 90 percent of natural teeth.

Here are a few things you can expect from dental implants:

  • Stability in dentures, bridges, or crowns
  • Preservation of the jawbone
  • More food options
  • More youthful appearance
  • Improve oral and overall health

We’ll be honest, dental implants are expensive.But consider what you’re gaining. You can improve your health in spades. Still, we understand that finances are a factor. That’s why we offer different types of dental implants, including mini dental implants. Mini dental implants function much like dental implants but are smaller in diameter. Here are a few ways mini dental implants can help you with missing teeth.

Stabilize Dentures Without Extensive Bone Grafting
One of the biggest physical changes that occur after the teeth are lost is that the jawbone begins to change shape. This change can happen rather quickly, as few as 18 months after the teeth are lost. Denture wearers know this change all to well. It’s the reason they constantly need to have their dentures realigned. Jawbone recession also changes the rest of your face. Patients who experience jawbone recession often develop wrinkles around their mouth and lose the vertical dimension between their nose and chin. All of these changes make the patient look much older than they truly are!

This is important in the field of dental implants because dentists often need to build up the bone before placing dental implants. Because mini dental implants are smaller in diameter, we can often avoid bone grafting. This is great news for the patient because bone grafting, while effective, can be extremely invasive and uncomfortable.

Fewer Visits and Less Recovery
We mentioned above that mini dental implants are smaller in diameter than conventional dental implants. With the smaller implant, the patients will experience much less pain and have a faster recovery. In fact, we can usually place and restore mini dental implants in one day, so you don’t have to walk around without teeth or temporary teeth.

Our dental office has made a huge investment in technology that allows us to place dental implants for patients struggling with missing teeth. We have multiple options for you, and we’ve taken the additional training. If you are struggling with missing teeth, call the office today at 859-474-7830 or fill out the online form.