If you’re like a lot of people you have something about your smile you wish you could fix. What is it? A crooked tooth? A gap? Misaligned bottom teeth? No matter what you want to change there’s probably something standing in your way: braces. No one wants to wear ugly metal brackets in their mouth for years!
At our Edgewood dentist office we know how you feel – especially if you’re considering orthodontic treatment as an adult! We think everyone should be able to get the smile they want, which is why we’ve embraces two different models of short-term orthodontic treatment that can get you the smile you want faster than traditional braces!

You don’t have to wait years for a straight smile at Edgewood Dental Care!

Option 1: Invisalign
By now you’ve probably heard of Invisalign. It’s become a popular choice for patients wanting a straighter smile that takes less time than traditional braces as well as being virtually unnoticeable. Invisalign is a great option for patients wanting a great, straight smile in less time!

We’ll start an invisalign treatment with an assessment of your oral health – it’s important that you don’t have any issues that need treating before we straighten your smile!

Once we’re sure you have a healthy mouth we’ll use our iTero intraoral scanner to get the perfect map of your teeth. The iTero process uses a small wand that scans your teeth to provide an instant 3D picture that perfectly captures the position of each tooth. This model will be used to outline your treatment sequence and plan each Invisalign aligner.

We’ll send your iTero scans and treatment plan to our Invisalign lab and soon you’ll have your first aligner! You’ll wear a different one every two weeks until your smile is perfect! The best thing about your Invisalign treatment? No one will notice anything except for a great new smile!

Option 2: Fastbraces
Invisalign has the advantage of moving your teeth fast because it’s mainly a cosmetic service. In contrast to this is Fastbraces, a revolutionary short-term orthodontic solution that uses unique brackets to reposition your teeth.

Fastbraces brackets are triangular instead of square, which repositions the forces moving your teeth from the edge of a square bracket to the center of a triangular one. This means that Fastbraces pull your teeth more efficiently, giving the results of traditional braces in half the time or less! Many patients are done with treatment in as little as 20 weeks!

You might think that a shortened time and different forces would equal more pain, but that’s the furthest thing from true! Fastbraces have been in use for over twenty years and patients have reported that they are just as comfortable as traditional braces, if not more so! By maximizing the use of force in a way that’s more organic and designed for your teeth Fastbraces make treatment more comfortable and effective – a win/win!

Fastbraces is also great at minimizing the need to wear a retainer. Instead of hours of daily wear you’ll only need to pop your retainer in for about twenty minutes a day! Imagine the ease of care that you’ll have with a Fastbraces smile!

You Have Options!
With Fastbraces and Invisalign both available at Edgewood Dental Care you have options to get a straight smile! The days of long term, painful, and ugly braces are over!

If you’re ready to start exploring your options for a perfectly straight future smile don’t spend one more day hiding your teeth behind your hand! Call Edgewood Dental Care today at 859-474-7830 or schedule an appointment by using our online appointment request form. We look forward to seeing you soon!