Do you have damaged teeth that are causing you pain and making you self-conscious? Do you hide your missing teeth behind closed lips when you get your picture taken? If you’d like to replace your damaged or missing teeth, call Edgewood Dental Care at 859-474-7830 to schedule your dental implant consultation! At our Edgewood, KY dentist office, Dr. Kevin R. McMahon, the rest of our highly-skilled dentists, and our professional team offer an array of restorative dentistry services to fix your smile!

Dental Implants Explained

Dental implants consist of three parts: the dental implant, your restoration, and a screw that holds the two together. Dental implants are a very strong tooth replacement option because they literally fuse with your jawbone through a process called osseointegration. This provides a sturdy foundation for a variety of restorations. Compared to other restorative options, dental implants offer many advantages, including:

  • Stronger bite: up to 90% of the biting power provided by your natural teeth
  • Prevention of bone loss: helps you maintain your youthful look by preventing tissue loss in your jaw and face
  • Durability: can last a lifetime with proper care
  • Convincing tooth replacements: feel, look, and function just like your natural teeth
  • No prep of surrounding teeth necessary: unlike other tooth replacement options, we do not need to prep your adjacent teeth in any way

Your Dental Implant Options

Because a lot can go wrong with your smile, we offer a broad selection of dental implant options. We will always explain all of your options so you can make the decision that is right for you and your smile.

If you need to replace just one tooth, we can restore your dental implant with a dental crown. And thanks to our state-of-the-art CEREC milling machine, we can fabricate your custom dental crown right here at our Edgewood, KY dental office during a single visit! That means no waiting for a special factory to receive the order, make your crown, and ship it back to us!

You can also choose a fixed dental bridge attached to dental implants to replace one or more missing teeth that are adjacent to each other. And, as mentioned above, we won’t have to remove any healthy tooth structure of surrounding teeth to place your dental bridge!

If you are in need of a whole new set of pearly whites, we can also help you with that! We offer both implant-retained dentures and removable dental implant dentures. We can also replace an entire arch of teeth with just four dental implants using the All-on-4 dental implant method!

Yet another option we provide is immediate dental implant placement following a tooth extraction. If you need a damaged tooth removed, we can take it out for you and immediately take the first step to fixing your smile by placing a dental implant in the same visit!

What To Expect When You Get A Dental Implant

When you come to Edgewood Dental Care for a dental implant, we will clearly explain every step of the process so you’ll know what to expect. To replace your tooth or teeth with dental implants, we will:

  • Precisely plan your treatment using cutting-edge dental technology, like our Cone Beam CT scanner and digital X-ray system
  • Comfortably numb the area with our Wand computer-assisted anesthesia delivery system
  • Gently place your dental implants into your jawbone

Following a healing period, you will return to our Edgewood, KY dental office and we will attach your custom tooth replacements! You’ll walk out grinning from ear-to-ear!

Caring Team, Comfort Options, Dental Sedation

When you arrive at our dental office, our compassionate team will do everything we can to put you at ease. We’ll listen intently to your particular concerns and smile goals to improve your quality of care and exceed your expectations.
To improve your experience, we offer several comfort options, including:

  • Headphones with your favorite music
  • Warm towels
  • Soft blankets
  • Heated massage chairs in certain rooms
  • Flat-screen TVs in every care room
  • A snack and beverage bar
  • Lip balm

To better fit your schedule, we offer morning, evening, and Saturday hours by request. So you won’t feel rushed, we can also provide extended appointments!

And if all that isn’t enough to relax you, we can also help relieve your dental anxiety with dental sedation options, including:

  • Nitrous oxide
  • Oral sedation in pill form
  • IV sedation

Take The First Step Toward Your New Smile

If you’re ready to replace your damaged or missing teeth with dental implants, call Edgewood Dental Care at 859-474-7830. You can also schedule your consultation using our online form.