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The cosmetic dentistry options available depend on the shape of your current teeth and what ultimate results you would like to achieve. We offer everything from bleaching to bonding to veneers and more.

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Lauren knew that something was wrong when she called our Edgewood, KY dentist office to make an emergency dental appointment before leaving on vacation. What she learned was that her problem was a little more than what she ...

We firmly believe that everyone should be happy with their teeth. We also believe that you deserve to have a healthy smile. If your teeth are crooked, however, you may be coming up short by both of those standards. You don't ...

A few decades ago, Mary had to get 12 metal dental crowns at another practice. As a result, her smile did not look uniform. With the help of Dr. Daryl Peak and our team at Edgewood Dental Care, she was able to replace her old ...