The pain of a toothache can affect everything that you do. You may not want to eat if chewing hurts. You also may not be able to focus on work or a household project if the pain is too much of a distraction.
That kind of pain is often the result of a tooth infection, which can be treated with a root canal at our Edgewood, KY office.

Don’t root canals hurt?

This procedure can be performed practically painlessly at our practice. We offer multiple types of dental sedation along with local anesthetic to block pain and help you stay relaxed during this treatment.

What is a root canal?

Anatomically, these are openings in the roots of your teeth. A root canal treatment involves removing infected tissue inside the tooth (called pulp) along with nerves and blood vessels for that tooth. When those are taken out of your tooth, we fill it with a special material and cap it with a dental crown to restore the function and the appearance of that tooth.

How do teeth become infected?

Infections occur when bacteria reach the center of a tooth. This can cause the pulp to become inflamed, which can cause the pain that you feel. Bacteria can enter the tooth as a result of an untreated cavity, untreated gum disease, as well as cracked and broken teeth.

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