If you have been diagnosed with sleep apnea you’ve probably heard of CPAP machines. CPAP, or continuous positive airway pressure, is an effective way to treat sleep apnea symptoms but many patients just plain hate their machine. They’re noisy, uncomfortable, and sometimes you feel like they’re doing more harm to your sleep cycle than good.

You might be surprised that there are alternatives available at Edgewood Dental Care. For many patients using CPAP relief can also be found by using a simple oral appliance that prevents snoring and airway blockage. You might be able to turn that CPAP machine off for good and still sleep soundly!

What Do You Hate About Your CPAP Machine?
We’ve seen a lot of patients at Edgewood Dental Care who just can’t stand their CPAP contraptions. We’ve heard a lot of them, and you might be familiar with some of these common CPAP complaints.

The Mask Is Really Uncomfortable!
We’ve seen patients that have tried a variety of masks in a variety of sizes with one common factor: they’re all miserable. Sometimes CPAP masks just don’t cut it, and if so you probably spend just as much time tossing and turning as you do sleeping comfortably. All the suggestions for how to make it tolerable can just make wearing it more frustrating too!

Forced Air Isn’t Always Tolerable
In order to keep your airway open your CPAP machine is forcing pressurized air into your lungs. If your airway was to start to close the pressure helps push it apart and make breathing easier, but let’s be realistic: that isn’t the most comfortable thing in the world!

If you can’t handle CPAP now do you really think forced air is going to get easier to deal with? For a lot of people the answer is no!

Claustrophobia And Panic: Not Too Unusual
A lot of CPAP users report feeling trapped by their machine, often worrying about not being able to breath, trapped behind their mask, or getting tangled in the tubes. While these sorts of occurrences are practically unheard of there’s still that anxiety that won’t go away.

Smaller masks, longer tubes, and even trying to calm yourself down only goes so far. For some people there’s an anxiety that’s simply inseparable from CPAP.

More Mask Mishaps: Sores And Skin Irritation
Even the most comfortable mask can irritate your skin and cause pressure sores with regular use. While a new mask can make those problems go away it isn’t always a permanent solution. Many patients who switch products report that they start experiencing discomfort and skin problems again.

Dry Mouth And Nose? Join The Club!
One of the most common frustrations that CPAP users deal with is a dry nose and mouth. Many even end up with bleeding, cracked skin and sinus problems as a result of the dry air coming out of their CPAP machines – it’s unpleasant!

What We Can Do To Make Sleep Apnea Treatment Better
We offer several different oral appliances that can do the same sleep-easing and snore-eliminating job as CPAP without any of the hassle that comes with that electric monstrosity sitting on your nightstand. Our oral appliances keep your jaw in a comfortable position and also keep your tongue from blocking your airway, allowing you to sleep easily and breath without problems or CPAP!

We’ll take an impression of your mouth that’s used to build your appliance with a completely customized fit. In just a couple of weeks for manufacture time you’ll be able to sleep comfortably, quietly, and restfully in a way you haven’t done in years.

Perfect Your Sleep Now!
A sleep apnea appliance can make resting all night simple, but first you need to schedule an appointment at Edgewood Dental Care. We’re ready to see you – just call 859-474-7830 or request an appointment by filling out our online form. We look forward to seeing you soon!