It’s a common question we hear from new parents at Edgewood Dental Care: when should my child start seeing the dentist? That’s usually followed up with a second question: is that first visit really important? There are very clear answers to these questions and that’s what we want to discuss today!
Your child’s dental care is essential to their health and establishing good habits early in life means they’re more likely to end up with healthy teeth and healthy teeth equals a higher quality of life as they age!

When Should My Child First See The Dentist?
The American Academy of Pediatric Dentistry recommends that all children should see the dentist by the time they turn a year old. That might sound early but it’s an important milestone for protecting your child’s teeth!

That recommendation also comes with another rule: if your child gets their first tooth before their first birthday they should come in sooner! We want to be sure that your child’s teeth are coming in properly and appear healthy as early as we can!

How Important Is That Visit?
A recent study from the American Academy of Pediatric Dentistry actually found how essential it is and how few people are doing it! The study found that only one percent of children see the dentist for the recommended first birthday checkup! The study also found that those who do see the dentist by that date experience significantly lower costs for dental care as they age!

It might seem silly to bring your child in for dental care when they only have one tooth but it’s important and it can save a lot of money! By proactively seeing the dentist there are countless treatments and care that can be given to your child!

Early Appointments: Ensuring Healthy Teeth
A big part of dental care is psychological. You might not realize it but your child has a lot of adjusting to do before they are comfortable at the dentist! Dental care can be intrusive and frightening for young patients, especially because they’re unfamiliar with the environment!

We suggest bringing your child to visit us at our Edgewood dentist office as soon as possible. This will allow they to see the office and get familiar with our team and our facility. It can also help your child feel better if they see you undergoing care! If they know that a parent is okay with it then they can feel safe too!

Showing your child how important dental care is while they’re young is essential to their continued dental health! Like the study we discussed showed early care means that your child is set up for dental health success!

What Happens At Early Dental Appointments?
When we first see your child treatment will be simple. There isn’t much we can do aside from start establishing a record of care so that we can track their development over time. X-rays and digital images help us understand how their teeth are coming in and if any proactive treatment will be needed – one of the big reasons early care saves money!

We’ll also have a chance to discuss home oral health care with you! As your child ages into their first set of teeth their home care needs will change! You’ll start brushing their teeth, helping them learn to do it on their own, and adding other oral care practices to their routine. For new parents, especially first timers, that can be a hard thing to figure out on their own!

That’s why a large part of early children’s dental care is about education, both for you and them! They’ll learn familiarity with our Edgewood dental team and you’ll learn all about caring for their teeth in the best way!

Getting Close To One Year? Schedule Now!
If your child is getting close to their first birthday then you should schedule an appointment now! We’re ready to see you and your whole family at Edgewood Dental Care!
You can reach us by phone at 859-474-7830 or you can schedule an appointment by filling out our online form. We look forward to seeing you soon!