Welcome back to our blog! In our last post, we told you about a patient named Mary who came into our office needing to have teeth extracted due to extensive decay. Today, let’s continue her story and tell you about how she ultimately found the best solution for her smile. At Edgewood Dental Care, we work hard to find the dental solution that is right for your specific situation. Please visit our Edgewood, KY dental office if you, like Mary, need help with achieving results.

Where We Left Off
In our last post, Mary had undergone a sedated extraction (comfortable, safe, and stress-free) and had began wearing her new removable dentures! Mary right away loved her new teeth and was grateful to the team at Edgewood Dental Care for helping her regain her functionality and beautiful.

The Inconvenience Of Removable Dentures
However, Mary quickly noticed the downsides of living with removable dentures. While she loved the way her dentures looked, she had a hard time getting used to how they felt in her mouth. She had trouble chewing and enjoying her meals and even had trouble speaking! Removable dentures were certainly better than her highly decayed teeth, but they were not the perfect solution. She began doing some research on more effective tooth replacement solutions.

Seeking Help
She called her friends at Edgewood Dental Care for help. She knew that they would be able to offer her some options to help her get the results she wanted. Because she was looking for the most cost effective option at first, she has ruled out the idea of dental implants. When presented with the benefits of choosing implants, she was delighted to find that they offered many of the extra securities that she wanted.

Considering Dental Implants
We were able to share with Mary many of the benefits of choose dental implants as her tooth replacement options. First of all, they were very secure and stable in her mouth. That means that they wouldn’t move around on her! They were very strong as well as would allow her to eat whatever she wanted with ease. All she had to do was have the procedure in order to place the implants. Then, we could simply configure a set of dentures to attach to the implants. This set up would help Mary feel more comfortable with her smile.

The Dental Implant Procedure
Mary loved this new idea. After working out payment solutions and scheduling a treatment date, Mary came in for her implant placement procedure. We offered her IV sedation (which she happily accepted) to help make the procedure completely painless and stress-free. When she was finished, we loaded her temporary dentures and sent Mary home to heal.

Mary’s Happy Ending
All in all, Mary’s implant placement procedure went very well and she was able to heal quickly and have her permanent implant-secured dentures placed. She is now loving her ability to eat, talk, and generally function without worry about her smile!

By now you may have realized that Mary is not a real patient of ours. However, we do treat patients just like Mary every day and help them get the care they need. Whether you are coming into our office for a tooth replacement solution for the first time or are currently wearing dentures that just aren’t working for you, we can help. Mary’s happy ending can be your happy ending too.

Make Your Appointment
Are you ready to achieve a beautiful, healthy, permanent smile like Mary’s? Our team would be happy to assist you. To book an appointment at Edgewood Dental Care, please contact our talented team directly. You can call us at 859-474-7830 or request an appointment using our online contact form. We would be delighted to help you schedule a date and time that is convenient for your personal schedule.

Dental implants can make a huge impact on your smile. Regain what you have lost and feel great about the way you look! The beginning of your dental implant journey is just a phone call away. We look forward to working with you.