Convenience is something we all consider in most everything we do. Whether we’re considering the most efficient way to get all our running around town done or we’re simply thinking about the best method to clean the house – we all do it whether we realize it or not.

No one wants to do things an inconvenient, slow, or hassled way – and that even applies to your dental care. The value you place on convenience is something we consider important at Edgewood Dental Care, which is why we always think about how to make your experience the easiest it can possibly be!

All Your Care Under One Roof
You need a dentist, and so do your children and your spouse. Why would you settle for making multiple trips to accomplish the same thing? You shouldn’t have to! Our Edgewood office has everything you need for family dental care all in one place. With eight dental hygienists on staff you could easily get the entire family in at the same time, saving you time and money!

We aren’t just a family dentist office either – we offer a wide range of services that will suit you and your family from their first tooth well into adulthood and beyond. When you need orthodontic care, oral surgery, teeth replacement, or anything else we can do it without having to refer you all over the state of Kentucky!

Continuation Of Care = Quality Of Care
Have you ever had to go to a medical specialist in a different office, or worse – a different city? They don’t know anything about you, your needs, your personality, or your medical history. Sure, they might get the records they need to identify or treat a specific condition, but that’s it: they aren’t your doctor.

If you or your child starts dental care at our Edgewood office there won’t ever be a reason to go elsewhere. That means we know your history, you know us, and we know exactly what to do to get you the results you want. A continual, unbroken chain of care means you’re getting experts who aren’t just familiar with material: they’re familiar with you too!

Dentistry For The Young: Comfort Is Key!
The same continual care quality that we can provide for you is essential to your children’s dental care. Adults that grow up and avoid the dentist are usually doing so because of an unfamiliarity with dental care that starts when they’re young. Bringing your child in for checkups and preventive appointments is an essential part of helping them grow into an adult with a healthy, happy smile.

Children don’t always do well with unfamiliar places and people, and the regular, consistent care we can provide will go a long way to making them feel better about dentistry. We even encourage you to bring your children in to see us before they even need to start getting dental care – it’s another way you can make them feel comfortable and familiar with the idea of seeing the dentist.

Growing And Changing Means Dental Differences Too
As children grown and adults age their dental care needs change as well. Your needs will shift from preventive to possible restorative needs, and your children will grow into young adults who need braces and other dental work that’s very different from their youth.

As your family changes you might think that your medical and dental care providers need to change too, but that’s not true at all – we’ll still be here at Edgewood Dental Care for every step of your journey!

It’s Like Being Part Of A Dental Care Family!
There’s nothing we love more than seeing our young patients grow into healthy adults and new members being added to families. As we continue to see you and your loved ones over the years we have a chance to build a rapport with you that goes beyond simply being a one-stop convenience shop for dental care. We grow into a dental care family!

Whether your clan has recently grown or you’re simply looking for a new family dentist we’d love to show you everything we have to offer. We’re confident that you’ll love our office, our team, and all we can do for you.

Schedule an appointment at Edgewood Dental Care by calling us today at 859-474-7830 or by filling out our online form. We look forward to seeing you and yours soon!