With the start of another school year, your family’s schedule is sure to get busy again! With all the sports and extracurricular activities, running kids to and from school, helping out with homework and school events, going to meetings, getting your kids’ lunches together and helping the little ones get ready in the morning … the list goes on and on! And your own schedule is still the same, on top of it!
Whether you’re looking for a family dentist in Edgewood, KY or recently moved to the area, there’s no need to look further than Edgewood Dental Care! Aside from saving your family time, there are several other reasons to consider us when you’re choosing a family dentist. Here are a few.

All Services in One Location
With everything you already have to do, you don’t want to add anything else to your plate that means more time. This applies to a family dentist, too! When you have to consider taking your family members at least twice a year to the dentist, it’s good to have everything your family needs under one roof so that you’re not making so many trips to other offices.

Edgewood Dental Care has all of your dentistry needs available in one convenient location! We don’t have to refer you to specialists, because Dr. McMahon and our team of three other dentists are able to treat everything right here.

We have treatment options for all ages, from dental exams and cleanings to cosmetic dentistry, restorative dentistry, and more.

  • Dental exams and cleanings: Bring everyone in for cleanings, from age 1 up! There’s no need for parents and older kids to go to one dentist and younger kids to see a pediatric dentist. We have a staff who is skilled with all ages. We make checkups easy for everyone with quick digital X-rays.
  • Preventive treatments for kids and adults: From sealants to fluoride treatments, we can help protect your family’s oral health. We also offer tooth-colored fillings for the whole family to keep your smile healthy and attractive.
  • Orthodontics for teens and adults: Why go to the orthodontist when you can come to dentists who already know you and your dental history? We’re able to provide a wide range of orthodontic treatments, from traditional wire braces (with colors for kids!) to Invisalign and Fastbraces for older teens and adults who want short-term orthodontics and alternatives to braces. You’ll save time going to a ton of orthodontists’ appointments!
  • Wisdom teeth removal: Many dentists will you refer you out for wisdom teeth removal. Not here! Make sure your dentist offers this service if you or your older teens need to have impacted wisdom teeth extracted.
    Cosmetic dentistry: From teeth whitening to veneers and more, we have the adults in your family covered to keep your smile attractive!
  • Restorative dentistry: If you need tooth replacement options or have damaged teeth you’d like to repair, we can take care of you here, too. We offer crowns, bridges, dental implants, and much more.
  • Gum disease treatment: Most people will have some form of gum disease at some point, so it’s good to look for a family dentist who can help prevent it and treat it, too.
  • Oral surgery and extractions: From extractions to gum reshaping to implant surgery and implant preparation procedures, we can perform most oral surgery procedures in our state-of-the-art office. You can leave these important appointments to a skilled team who already knows your health history.
  • Snoring solutions: Millions of American adults suffer from sleep apnea, and others from chronic snoring. We can offer snoring solutions right here in our dental office!

If you didn’t get a chance to see last month’s blogs on our family offerings for each age group, check out Part 1 and Part 2 now!

Convenient Appointments
Even with a family dentist who can offer all your dental needs in one place, it’s not very helpful without convenient appointments. You don’t want to bring one kid in at one time, another kid later, and you and your spouse in another day at another time. Why not come in at one time for all your appointments?
Because we have several dentists, a large team of hygienists and assistants, and many exam rooms, we can accommodate your entire family at once! Make an appointment for everyone on the same day at the same time, and free up your schedule!

Speaking of schedules, it’s important to consider office hours when choosing a family dentist. It can be difficult to coordinate everything else – school, work, afterschool activities – with dental appointments. We understand! That’s why we offer early hours, late hours, and even Saturday hours for your convenience.

Same-Day Emergency Appointments
The start of the school year involves more than just academics. Your kids may be involved in sports as well, which unfortunately can bring along more opportunities for dental injuries. It’s important to have a family dentist who already knows you and can take care of your dental emergencies quickly. Whether your kid has been injured in sports or on the playground, or whether you’ve had a dental accident, see us for same-day dental appointments.

One-stop shop, convenient appointments, and same-day emergency appointments are just three things to consider when choosing a family dentist. Join us for our next blog post to see what other things to consider when you’re making this important choice! In the meantime, contact us today to make a convenient appointment for your family!