Halloween can be a lot of fun. Dressing up in costumes and collecting candy make for an enjoyable evening.

Our Edgewood, KY dental professionals can you to delight in the celebration this year and for many years to come. To help you and your family do that, we are sharing some tips to keep your mouth healthy this Halloween.

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1. Give Away Some Candy

We remember how incredible it felt to come home with a bag filled with candy as kids. Seeing all those sweets was a wonderful sight. However, that’s also a lot of temptation. You can reduce your risk of overdoing it by planning ahead to share candy with kids who couldn’t go trick-or-treating or sending some candy to charities that accept it.

2. Eat Meals Before Sweets

The best time to eat sweets is after a meal. This is for two reasons. First, you are less likely to overdo it on candy if you are already full from your dinner. Second, you produce saliva when you eat. The saliva you produced during lunch assists in removing sweet residue left by candy.

3. Maintain Your Oral Hygiene Routine

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Remember to continue doing the things you already should be doing. Brushing your teeth twice daily. Floss every day. And stop by your family dentist for regular cleanings and exams

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