The Key To Great Oral Health? Routine Dental Cleanings And Checkups! [video]

Preventative Orthodontics for Adults 2 | Edgewood Dental Care - Edgewood, KY

Jacob is dedicated to maintaining great oral health. He keeps up with his routine dental cleanings and checkups by scheduling appointments at Edgewood Dental Care every six months.

He loves the care our dental professionals take to make sure he’s comfortable throughout his appointment.

“There’s no reason for anxiety here because everybody does their job right,” Jacob said. “And as long as I’m doing my part, it’s going to be a pretty easy time.”

Watch this video to learn more about the high-quality preventative care we provide in our Edgewood, KY office.

Then, take a cue from Jacob! Call us today at (859) 474-7830 to schedule your next routine cleaning and checkup.

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