You depend on your teeth for a lot. Not only do you need them to chew your food, you use teeth whenever you smile and talk. That’s why things get bad when you are missing one or two. Whether it’s from age, an accident, or it had to be removed because it was too damaged, having a gap in your smile is a big problem.

That’s why you need to call our Edgewood, KY dental office at 859-474-7830 and make an appointment for a dental implant. These restorative dentistry treatments can fill in any gaps so you can look, chew, and talk normally again. However, everything in life has its benefits and drawbacks. What are the dental implants pros and cons?

What Are The Pros and Cons?


  • Dental implants last a long time. Some procedures like dentures or dental bridges replace lost teeth, but they will have to be replaced sooner or later. Your dental implant is designed to last a lifetime! That can add up to savings down the road, but more importantly, you can have a full smile that much longer.
  • They help keep your jawbone strong. Your jawbone needs stimulation to stay healthy. Normally, that comes from chewing. Pressure travels down the tooth into the bone tissues. Because dental implants are placed within your jawbone, they provide the same stimulation to help your jaw stay healthy and strong.
  • They look just like your natural teeth. These are also designed to look just like a real tooth. They are even colored to match your teeth in particular. When you have a dental implant in place, it’s almost impossible to realize that it’s not one of your natural teeth.


  • Dental implants require oral surgery. These restorative dentistry treatments are implanted in your jawbone. While that certainly gives some benefits, it does require oral surgery.
  • They take time to fully integrate with your jawbone. Once implanted, the bone tissue will eventually hold fast to the implant. 98% of implants work just great! You just have to be careful for a little while.
  • Each one needs its own appointment. With fillings, you can get several placed all in one visit. Because these require oral surgery, you usually can only have one placed per visit. If you need several implants, you will likely need several appointments.

Prevent More Dental Problems

Do you really need to replace that lost tooth? Definitely! Without a doubt, you need to fill in any gap in your smile.
When you are missing a tooth, you are at a higher risk of more dental problems. Food particles can collect where your teeth meet that gap, increasing your chances of cavities and gum disease at that spot. Those same teeth need support. Without a tooth in that space, your existing teeth can become crooked or misaligned. This can even lead to problems with your bite.

Then there are the self-esteem benefits. It’s hard to feel comfortable smiling when you know there’s an unsightly gap between your teeth. Filling that space with a dental implant gives you back the confidence you deserve.

Now that you know the dental implants pros and cons, it’s time to call us today at 859-474-7830 or use our convenient online form to make your next appointment.