The holidays can be an especially problematic time for your teeth. There are family get-togethers where the kids are rough-housing, and everyone is consuming more sweets than usual. So the team at Edgewood Dental Care wants to know: How much do you know about holiday dental care?

Take our quiz to find out whether you’ve been more naughty than nice to your teeth this year, or whether you know more about proper dental care than Hermey the Elf!

And throughout the season, keep our phone number close at hand. During “the most wonderful time of the year,” you shouldn’t have to stress about your gums and teeth. If you have a dental emergency in Edgewood, KY, feel free to give us a call at 859-474-7830.

Then, after the new year begins, partner with us as you resolve to prioritize your dental health! We offer high-quality care for the entire family.

And of course, happy holidays from Edgewood Dental Care!