The end of 2020 is approaching fast. The way this year has gone, we won’t blame you if you are ready for it to be over.
However, there is something we hope you will do before the new year arrives. We hope you will schedule a dental cleaning and exam at our office in Edgewood, KY. Contact us today to plan your visit.

Get Your Full Benefits

If you have dental insurance, you should get all of the benefits you should receive. Under many policies, dental cleanings are covered or available at a reduced rate. You could also look at it as something you’ve already paid for with the premiums that come out of your paycheck.

In our experience, many policies and plans also limit your benefit to the calendar year. In other words, if you are paying for dental checkups, but you don’t get them, then you lose that benefit.

We want you to maintain your healthy smile, and we want you to get the treatment you deserve. The way 2020 has gone, we also realize you may not have had the opportunity to schedule a dental appointment earlier in the year. We want you to know that we are open now with new protocols and procedures in place because we want you to prevent problems or to treat them as soon as possible.

What If You Don’t Have Insurance

We recognize that dental insurance is not offered by every employer. We also understand that some insurance plans cover more than others. What we don’t want is for financial matters to get in the way of your oral health.

To that end, we offer a variety of payment options at Edgewood Dental Care. In addition to accepting cash, check, and credit cards, we offer two different no-interest financing options.

Another great option to manage the cost of oral is our In-House Dental Membership Club. For a low annual fee, you can pay for preventive services and received a discount on cosmetic and corrective care.

Don’t Ignore Your Oral Health

No matter what, we want to encourage you and everyone to make your oral health a priority. No one wants cavities or gum disease. You also know that preventive care (brushing, flossing, and professional cleanings) is the best way to avoid those problems.

However, tooth decay and gum infections are fairly common, and treating them early is easier when you make regular dental visits. These problems can lead to more serious concerns such as chronic bad breath, gum recession, and lost teeth. At the same time, your oral health affects your overall health. Poor oral health has been linked to an increased risk of heart problems and complications of diabetes among other issues.

Contact Us Today

You still have time to schedule a dental visit before 2021 is here. To reserve your spot, contact us online or call 859-474-7830 today. We look forward to seeing you soon at Edgewood Dental Care.