There are so many fun things to do with your summer in Edgewood, KY! We love visiting the parks and spending time with our family and friends. With all of the free and fun activities to do with the whole family, it’s no surprise that many of our patients are out and about for most of the summer.

It’s important that while you are out, you are protecting yourself from the dangers that come along with summer. Wearing sunscreen, drinking plenty of fluids, and being safe in the water are a few things that come to mind. What about your teeth? Are you taking precautions to protect your smile during the summer months?

With everything else going on, it’s difficult to remember that your pearly whites are at special risk during summer fun. We want to take some time today to walk through some of those risks and the things that you can do to protect your teeth!

Each Season Presents Concerns
Summer isn’t the only season that is particularly dangerous for smiles. Every season comes with its own risks that we hope you are prepared for. You see, you only get one set of adult teeth, and we want to make sure you keep those adult teeth throughout your entire adulthood. Let’s take a look at some things you can do to protect your mouth during these hot summer months.

Stay Hydrated
Water plays an important role in your entire body’s health, but it is especially important for the health of your smile. Your saliva protects your teeth from bacteria that cause decay and infection. If your body isn’t well-hydrated, you don’t produce the saliva necessary to do the job.

Summertime calls for lemonade and sweet tea, but beware of those sugary beverages. Drink them sparingly and always drink plenty of water after you indulge.

Wear Sunscreen (for your LIPS)
You know the importance of wearing sunscreen on your skin while you’re out and about this summer, but what are you doing to protect your lips? Sun exposure can lead to oral cancer, so it is very important that you remember to pack lip balm!

Not just any lip balm will do the trick. You need SPF lip balm that will actually protect your lips from harmful sun exposure. Reapply regularly throughout the day for optimum protection.

Don’t Chew Ice
Chewing ice is a habit some people carry throughout all seasons, but it becomes prevalent during the summer months when we are all trying to cool down. Chewing on ice can help you to cool off, but it can also cause your teeth to crack or break!

A broken tooth requires immediate dental care. We usually end up having to place a crown on top! Avoid the hassle and cost. Don’t chew on ice!

Brush After Swimming
Swimming is a favorite summertime treat. The cool water flowing over your skin is incredibly refreshing, and we enjoy taking a dip whenever we can! While the water feels great, it can actually do damage to your teeth. The chlorine in the water weakens enamel!

You don’t have to avoid swimming, but do make sure you are not putting the water in your mouth. Once you are finished with your dip, brush your teeth!

Choose Snacks Wisely
Summer picnics, trips to park, or road trips are common and require a favorite thing: snacks! We all love a good snack while we’re on an adventure, but some snacks are better for your teeth than others. Pretzels, chips, and crackers actually stick to your teeth causing a risk of plaque buildup.

Prepare better snacks for your family. Choose fresh, crunchy vegetables and fruits. Cheese sticks are also a great snack. These choices actually work for your teeth. The texture is just enough to give your teeth a scrubbing instead of sticking to the surface!

Make Your Summertime Appointment at Edgewood!
There’s no time like summer to come into the office for your cleaning and exam. We would love to see you and your entire family. Call today to make your appointment. While you’re here, we can answer any questions you have about keeping your smile safe during the summer months!