Do you have kids who play sports? Do you play sports or did you participate in any athletics in the past? If you or your child has stuck with it long enough, there’s bound to have been an injury or two come up. Some injuries are minor, while others, like a broken bone, result in more pain, more healing time, more extensive treatments, and more money! Some serious injuries from sports can even cause longterm damage, such as some soccer players who have had to have knees replaced at an early age. Often, injuries can take you off the team, either temporarily or permanently.

We don’t say this to scare you! Your Edgewood, KY dentists want you and your kids to do what you love, whether that’s basketball, soccer, football, softball, wrestling, karate, or gymnastics. But we want them to do it safely, too. Although safety equipment like helmets are required for some sports, for others, you’re at risk of breaking bones, concussions, and other injuries. Let Dr. McMahon and our team help keep you safe on the field and beyond! Our professional athletic mouthguards can do just that.

Mouthguards: The Problem
It’s no secret: mouthguards can protect your teeth. Most sports, however, don’t require them, and a lot of people don’t think twice about using them if they aren’t in playing organized contact sports. Take a look at these statistics on dental injuries, and you might start giving mouthguards a second thought.

  • According to the American Dental Association’s website MouthHealthy, “studies show that athletes are 60 times more likely to suffer harm to the teeth if they’re not wearing a mouthguard.”
  • The ADA Council on Scientific Affairs reports that all ages and genders are at risk of injury during both organized and recreational sports and activities.
  • The Council also reported that dental injuries are common in “non-contact activities and exercises, such as gymnastics and skating.”
  • A 2007 study reported by the National Institutes of Health found that “overall injury risk was found to be 1.6-1.9 times greater when a mouthguard was not worn, relative to when mouthguards were used during athletic activity.”

Clearly, you put yourself at risk when you aren’t wearing a mouthguard – no matter your age, gender, or sport. These and other respected studies also found that those not wearing mouthguards were much more likely to injure their gums, tongue, lips, cheeks, jawbone, and even sustain head injuries, like concussions!

Mouthguards: The Solution
There’s too much at risk when it comes to not protecting your teeth: your health, your time, your money, and your inability to participate in your activity again! Let’s spend a couple of minutes talking about our athletic mouthguards that lower your risk of injury.

If you or your child needs a professional mouthguard, make an appointment at our office. When you come in, we’ll take some digital images and digital impressions to use to create your custom-fit sports guard. This process won’t take too long.

Next, we’ll send your images off to a lab, where they will craft your high-quality athletic guard to perfection. Soon, they’ll send it back to us to make sure it fits you comfortably and snugly. If you want, you can even have your mouthguard customized with your favorite colors or the colors of your sports team! Then you can take it home and put it in to protect your teeth whenever you participate in your sports activities.

Mouthguards: Professional vs. Over the Counter
You might now be convinced that you or your loved one needs a mouthguard. But if you’re wanting to save a buck and purchase a one-size-fits-all sports guard online, think again! Here are some major differences between professionally made mouthguards (like those our office provides) and store-bought ones that are stationary or conform to your teeth:

Professional mouthguards are made from high-quality materials, unlike those you can buy in the store or online. This means they will hold up better so that you don’t have to replace them! It also means your teeth are better protected. In fact, a study by Medicine & Science in Sports & Exercise concluded that custom-fit sports guards decreased “morbidity and expense resulting from dental injuries” in basketball.

Professional athletic mouthguards are custom-fit, meaning they fit better and are more comfortable. Many stock mouthguards, on the other hand, can be bulky and even make it hard to breathe or talk.
Although a sports guard is better than no sports guard at all, you will get more comfort, protection, and durability with a custom-fit one.

Call for Your Custom-Fit Sports Mouthguard
Don’t put yourself or your kid’s health at risk! Call us today to set up an appointment for your custom athletic mouthguard.