It doesn’t take too long to build up good habits but it can take a long, long time to break bad ones! If you’re a new parent you probably have a lot of questions about caring for your child’s oral health, which is one of the reasons Edgewood Dental Care is here for you!

We like to see patients of all ages – it’s rewarding to see young patients grow into adults with healthy, happy smiles and know that we helped make that happen! We know it can be challenging to determine the best way to care for your child’s oral health, which is why we’re writing this blog post today! Let’s talk all about caring for your young one’s teeth!

When To First See The Dentist
This can be a tough thing to figure out – when do you take your child in for their first dentist appointment? Like the American Association of Pediatric Dentistry, we recommend bringing your child in to our Edgewood dentist office by their first birthday or the eruption of their first tooth, whichever comes first.

The initial visits your child has to the dentist will be simple – just an exam of their gums and teeth to be sure they’re coming in well! We’ll also take the time to answer any questions you might have about your child’s oral health and how to take care of it at home!

As Your Child Grows
By bringing your child in to our office at a young age they’ll become accustomed to seeing dental care as a regular part of their lives. It’s important to build those habits early so your child will understand the importance of professional dental care!

When your child gets older and starts seeing us for regular cleanings and exams we’ll also start to begin checking their teeth for signs they may need braces. As adult teeth start coming in it becomes pretty easy to notice any potential growth problems that might necessitate orthodontic care!

The quicker your child gets into braces the easier the process will be! We’ll be able to start correcting teeth as your child grows, and by the time they’re older they’ll have a perfect smile!

Have An Active Child?
If your young ones are involved in sports you know how expensive equipment can be! Despite the costs you know it’s important to protect your child and make sure they play their favorite sports safely. This raises another question – what kind of mouthguard is your child wearing?

Most people would probably recommend (or say they wear) an over-the-counter mouthguard that is just “boil and bite.” These mouthguards provide some protection against the intense forces of high-contact sports and accidents in other games but they don’t provide anywhere enough protection!

These store-bought mouthguards are also hard to breath in! They block the flow of air through your child’s mouth and make playing at the top of their game difficult. When athletes wear these mouthguards they tend to play with their mouths open, increasing their chances of injury or loss of their mouthguard!
At Edgewood Dental Care we make custom-fit mouthguards that offer an unparalleled level of comfort and protection. We make our mouthguards from an impression of your child’s mouth so that it will fit comfortably and securely and it’s also built with breathing in mind!

Our custom sports mouthguards come equipped with air channels so that biting down on it won’t lead to an inability to breath! The good fit and breathability of our mouthguards doesn’t just protect against oral damage – it also helps protect against concussions as well!

When your jaw slams into your skull the forces can easily cause a concussion, which is yet another reason to wear a mouthguard!

Start ‘Em Early!
The sooner we see your child at Edgewood Dental Care the better! We even welcome you to bring them in for your appointments so that they can become familiar with our atmosphere, staff, and the tools that we use. Being familiar with a space will make their appointments much easier!

If you want to make an appointment for you or any member of your family don’t hesitate to call! You can reach us at 859-474-7830 and you can also make an appointment by filling out our online form! We look forward to seeing you soon!